Argentina Renewed Contract with Scaloni Despite Criticism After 2019 Copa America

Lionel Scaloni has signed a new contract with Argentina to extend the contract period until the end of the World Cup 2022 despite fierce criticism from the performance of the Tango team in the Copa America 2019 and the skeptical about training skills.

The extension is confirmed by AFA on its website and social media channels on July 30. The 41-year-old coach was initially hired as temporary manager of Argentina in August last year after more than two weeks of his sacking Jorge Sampaoli when the team was eliminated in the round of 16 at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Last November, Scaloni’s agreement was extended to December this year. However, after the 2019 Copa America in Brazil ended last month, Scaloni’s chair swelled violently because of Argentina’s less convincing performance, especially the 0-2 defeat to Brazilian rival in the semifinals. However, according to AFA, the third place in South America’s biggest tournament is believed to be the basis for this organization to continue to believe in Scaloni towards the World Cup 2022 qualifier.

The 2022 World Cup qualifier in South America will begin in March next year and last until mid-November 2021. With the new contract, coach Scaloni will also be responsible for leading Argentina at the Copa America 2020 when the country and Colombia co-host the tournament.

AFA’s decision this time again received mixed opinions when Scaloni never held the position of head coach before being appointed to lead Argentina. However, he received the support of many key players in Argentina, especially superstar Lione Messi.

Lione Messi will be banned from a match in the 2022 World Cup qualifier because the red card received in the 2019 Copa America third match. Even, the difficulty will await Scaloni do Messi facing the risk of CONMEBOL increasing the penalty. due to the criticism of the organizing committee of the Copa America 2019. According to the source from CONMEBOL, the Argentine striker may be banned for up to 6 months. However, Scaloni will have a chance to regain confidence and quell doubts if Argentina performs well in two friendly matches in September and October to meet Chile, Mexico (in the US) and Germany host.

The 2022 World Cup qualifier in South America competes like a table with 10 teams, playing in a round-robin and home-field format. The top 4 teams will win tickets directly to the finals of the 2022 World Cup, the 5th team will enter the intercontinental play-off match.