Ashley Young Insists England Going to Russia World Cup To Win

Ashley Young, one of the squad members of England’s World Cup team, is insistent that the last thing England will do is restrain the ambition they have towards attempting to win the World Cup slated in Russia this summer.

The squad is twenty-three men strong and is experienced in what it takes to win a match in a tournament. As for Young, he is looking forward to playing his World Cup, as are other members of the team.

Young’s comments come after Kyle Walker said it would be a miracle if England were to win this year’s World Cup, but for Ashley Young, a positive approach to camp is what is needed as the head to St George’s Park to play a friendly game against Nigeria at Wembley.

Commenting at a news conference, Young said,

“To be honest, I don’t think you go into a tournament not trying to win it and that’s exactly what we will be doing.”

After hearing Young’s comments, Manchester’s Walker said,

“At times you need luck, sometimes you create your own luck. But you don’t go into a tournament thinking ‘right, we’re going to get only this far.’ You go into a tournament wanting to win it and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.”

A Young Squad with Few Seasoned Veterans

The 23 man roster for England’s World Cup squad is new to this level of competition and only one, Gary Cahill, has been to a World Cup match. Cahill was on the squad that participated in the World Cup in Brazil. England failed to move beyond the group stage after they lost to Uruguay, Costa Rica and Italy.

Young, who is the team captain for Chelsea is set on having a better performance this year and believes much relates to the mental mindset of each player. Young in a recent interview stated,

“My advice would be to go and play their football and relax in the environment as much as you possibly can, to get the best out of yourself, said Cahill. It’s a very intense environment, but it’s something you should embrace.

He further added that many on the team have years ahead of them in soccer but that you not take that mindset instead play like it is your last day at the races. For Cahill, he just wants to enjoy the tournament to the fullest adding,

“Enjoy means go as far we possibly can. Enjoy means by winning games. That’s the only way you enjoy it.”

At the age of 32, Young’s days ahead, at least for future World Cups is fading fast. This is expected to be his last World Cup appearance and had hoped he would earn a spot on the squad heading to Russia to represent England.

“I just had to get out there and play football and play as well as I could and hopefully the England manager would come and call me up again,” he said. “Now he’s done that and I’m going to a World Cup and the excitement for me is massive.

There are concerns that possible racism incidents may overshadow the World Cup in Russia as there are substantial reports of racism in Russian football. Earlier in May, the FIFA fined the Russian Football Union 30,000 Swiss Francs as a result of racist chants from fans during a match in St Petersburg. For Ashley Young, he simply hopes FIFA will be able to deal with it should anything come up.