Brazil Loses its Rank of Being the Best Soccer Nation

During Brazil’s most recent match, the team lost hope as they made their way out of the World Cup despite putting their all into their final game. One of the highlight names of the team Neymar showed that he has been putting work in to improve his standing, but even after a series of lacklustre dives and steals, even he couldn’t save the team from being dropped from the competition.

The team put their all into their pursuit of saving their title at the World Cup this year. While they started off strong, the team did not seem to be able to pull through when they needed to the most. Many fans who were at the stadium and watching from home – which to be honest was probably in the thousands as soccer is basically a religion in the country – expressed their sadness due to the outcome of the match.

Despite the copious amount o prayers that fans sent and the hard work the team has put in, Brazil went home against their match with Belgium. Although, the reasoning for this is not because Belgium is filled with super players who are impossible to defeat. If anything, it was because Brazil wasn’t good enough and didn’t play as the needed to secure their spot during the tournament. However, anyone who read the final score of Brazil 1, Belgium 2, would probably do a double take.

Belgium should receive the attention it has though for a handful of reasons though. Compared to Brazil, Belgium has better organization, skills, strategies, dedication, passion, unity, and by the way, the results if the match went, better players who became fierce competition from Brazil.

One of the other hand, Brazil uses its name at its standing. While the team has a legacy which is rightfully deserved, it seems that as of late that’s the only thing the players are riding on. While every soccer fan knows of Brazil’s soccer history, that still isn’t enough for the team to secure a win and a place during the World Cup if their players and management are not up to par. It’s almost an undeniable fact that Brazil has lost some of the twinkles in its eye for one reason or another, which has been seen as the team barely making it to the semi-finals before being destroyed by German in an embarrassing match.

Although, many fans are placing the blame on Neymar, who is also known as being one of the leading faces in the news whenever Brazil is being spoken about. His antics and cockiness that he displayed earlier in the tournament did not cast a favourable option upon Brazil. If anything, it caused many fans to begin rooting for other teams, or other individual players for Brazil instead of the entire team.

Despite the savage loss of winning the World Cup title, Neymar did not show a bit of emotion once the game concluded. The same cannot be said for his teammates who were visually upset by the results. Maybe next season Brazil can get on their A-game instead of relying on their name and history as the driving for of their reputation.