Logo Explanation for Famous Football Clubs

The design of the logo can be changed over the years but they always have certain meanings. They are able to show the history, gameplay or spirit of the team. This article will explain to you the meaning of some famous football club logos that you may not know.


Arsenal’s nickname is also based on the image of the team logo with the cannon of the striking red background. The club was originally founded by a group of ammunition production workers at the Metropolitan Borough, Woolwich. The original Arsenal logo includes 3 columns that look like chimneys. However, they were actually three cannon cannons based on the iconic design of the Metropolitan Borough where the team was formed. The cannon image on the Arsenal Logo influenced the war situation in the region and although it had left Woolwich. The image of the cannon still evolved over the past five months and still plays a dominant role on Arsenal logos until now.


Chelsea with the image of a blue lion standing facing his head with a staff in his hand and two roses and two balls on either side. The lion image symbolizes the power of Count Cadogan, who used to be club president and once had the title of Viscount Chelsea. The stick symbolizes the pastor of Westminster area and the lords of Chelsea. Roses represent England and balls to express this sport.


The logo of Liverpool has the image of a bird flapping its wings, lying in a shield. This bird is called the Liver Bird which is the symbol of Liverpool city. This is a combination of eagles and cormorants, but some argue that this is a stylized kingfisher image as Liverpool is a port city. Above the shield symbolizes the Shankly gate with the words “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE” – the club’s traditional song. Below the shield was 1982 – the year of the club’s establishment. Two red flames flanked to symbolize the 96 victims killed in the Hillsborough disaster.

Arsenal FC

When it comes to the best of English football Arsenal located in Islington instantly comes to mind. Nicknamed “The Gunners”, the club has won a record of 13 FA Cups including a League Centenary Trophy, thirteen League titles, two League Cups and fifteen FA Community Shields. Arsenal is the club every footballer’s dream of playing for and for Lucas Torreira that dream came true during his incredible journey. For this talented young player things happened quickly, his childhood dream came true at a very young age and now that the chance is his he is making the best of it.

Arsenal History

Arsenal was one of the first from England’s south who joined the Football League. After joining in 1893, Arsenal enjoyed huge success and by 1904 reached the first division. What makes Arsenal stand out is that they won the 2nd most topflight matches in the history of English football. This raging success started in the 1930s when Arsenal won 2 FA Cups, 5 Championships, and after the war another two Championships. In the season 1970 to 1971 Arsenal won the FA Cup Double, and between 1989 up to 2005 continued their success streak by claiming 5 League titles, 2 more doubles and another 5 FA Cups. The Gunners had the highest team average in the league position by the end of the 20th century.

Herbert Chapman won arsenal’s first national trophy, he introduced shirt numbers, floodlights and WM formation as well as added a brighter red and white sleeve to the club’s kit. The Arsenal manager serving the longest was Arsene Wenger who won a record of 7 FA Cups and set a record for the longest first-class unbeaten run of 49 games, receiving a trophy in the Gold Premier League and the nickname the Invincible.

In 1913 the club moved to the Arsenal Stadium which made it neighbours to the Tottenham Hotspurs and by 2006 it moved closer to the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal became the 6th highest earning club in the world by 2017 and had the 5th largest fanbase by 2018. The club is worth $2.24 billion and according to Forbes the 3rd most valuable club in England.

Arsenal just announced that Matteo Guendouzi, will be joining their team and they under 20-midfielder shared that since childhood his only dream was to join the football club closest to his heart, that dream came true only hours ago. Other newcomers recently added includes defender Calum Chambers, Lucas Torreira and Papastathopoulus while goalkeeper Leno is yet another professional player soon to make his dream of playing for Arsenal come true. Arsenal has the funds to attract the best in the world and there is no doubt that this club will continue to impress fans around the globe.