Lampard’s win rate drops to an alarming rate

The defeat against Bayern brought Frank Lampard‘s winning rate at Chelsea down to 49%.

During Roman Abramovich’s reign, only two of Chelsea’s coaches had lower win rates than Lampard: Jose Mourinho and Guus Hiddink in the 2015-2016 season, at 38%. As a result of the decline, Mourinho and Hiddink then left quickly.

Lampard had a good start as the “captain” of the Chelsea ship. Did not receive much hope, nor was he allowed to buy players during the summer transfer window, but this young coach still succeeded in putting the team into the Top 4 in the Premier League.

However, things have gotten worse in the past few months. From following the lead of the Premier League, Chelsea suddenly decelerated and was caught by the group behind. Lampard’s teachers and students are only three points ahead of Man Utd.

In the Champions League, Chelsea face Bayern lost at home with a score of 0-3. They need a miracle to swim backwards on the opponent’s field in the second leg of the round of 1/8.

Under Abramovich, the coach with the highest winning rate was Antonio Conte in the 2016-2017 season: 77%. Another Italian coach, Carlo Ancelotti also cool hands when ranked second with the rate 70% 2009-2010 season.

There is no good record, but Lampard is likely to remain in place after the 2019-2020 season. According to experts, the boss Abramovich can sympathize with Lampard about the experience and not buying players.

From next summer, Chelsea can provide nearly 400 million USD for Lampard “to go to market”. About half of this comes from player sales in the past two transfers, especially the sale of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid.

According to the Sun, Chelsea are eyeing a series of stars like Jan Oblak, Dayot Upamecano, Ben Chilwell, Jadon Sancho, or Timo Werner. Lampard wants to build a team of top young talents and some experienced players.

Logo Explanation for Famous Football Clubs

The design of the logo can be changed over the years but they always have certain meanings. They are able to show the history, gameplay or spirit of the team. This article will explain to you the meaning of some famous football club logos that you may not know.


Arsenal’s nickname is also based on the image of the team logo with the cannon of the striking red background. The club was originally founded by a group of ammunition production workers at the Metropolitan Borough, Woolwich. The original Arsenal logo includes 3 columns that look like chimneys. However, they were actually three cannon cannons based on the iconic design of the Metropolitan Borough where the team was formed. The cannon image on the Arsenal Logo influenced the war situation in the region and although it had left Woolwich. The image of the cannon still evolved over the past five months and still plays a dominant role on Arsenal logos until now.


Chelsea with the image of a blue lion standing facing his head with a staff in his hand and two roses and two balls on either side. The lion image symbolizes the power of Count Cadogan, who used to be club president and once had the title of Viscount Chelsea. The stick symbolizes the pastor of Westminster area and the lords of Chelsea. Roses represent England and balls to express this sport.


The logo of Liverpool has the image of a bird flapping its wings, lying in a shield. This bird is called the Liver Bird which is the symbol of Liverpool city. This is a combination of eagles and cormorants, but some argue that this is a stylized kingfisher image as Liverpool is a port city. Above the shield symbolizes the Shankly gate with the words “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE” – the club’s traditional song. Below the shield was 1982 – the year of the club’s establishment. Two red flames flanked to symbolize the 96 victims killed in the Hillsborough disaster.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FCFounded in 1905, the Chelsea Football Club is based out of London England (their home ground being Stamford Bridge). Much like the Arsenals FC, they too compete in the Premier League.

Reporting revenue of $524.3 million, Chelsea FC has had a steady roll during last years seasons, winning the 2016-17 Premier League championship. But there is still a lot of hope for this team, after all they have a good boost in revenue from a sponsorship deal with Carabao, a drink firm.


In 1904, Gus Mears managed to purchase the Stamford Bridge athletics stadium. With the intention to turn the stadium into a football ground, Chelsea FC began its debut there, founded in March 1905.

Since the beginning, the club was promoted to the 1st Division in only their 2nd season. From that point they alternated between Divisions in the early years, going from First to Second Division. By 1915, they got into the FA Cup Finals only to lose out to Sheffield United, despite building a reputation of signing up big name players.

Still success eluded them until Arsenal’s Ted Drake stepped away from the team and became Chelsea FC’s manager in 1952. With an overhaul of the team, the team saw success at last in their first major trophy in 1954-55, the League championship. That success was short lived though as shortly after that their successes stifled. Drake was sacked in 1962 and was then replaced by Tommy Docherty.

From there, Docherty built the team off of Drake’s selection of young and amateur league players. By the 1964-65 season, they were on their way to achieve a treble in the League, the League and FA Cup. They got the League Cup, yet were late to the other two.

From there, the team took a turn for the worse through the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Trouble with finances, losing star players, and even losing the stadium, things were looking bleak. Things started to finally turn around for the team though by 1996 with the appointment of Ruud Gullit. Adding many top international players to the team, the club won the 1997 FA Cup. This gave them the chance to reclaim their title of “one of England’s top sides”.

From this point, the team started to win cup after cup, bringing themselves back up. Over the years, the team had different managers, and with these new managers brought them victories. Gullit was replaced by Gianluca Vialli in 1998. Vialli then brought the team many victories in 1998 and 2000, resulting in the team making an appearance at last in the UEFA Champions League.

There were some stalling points, like when in 2003, Ken Bates (who acquired the team in 1982), sold the team to a Russian billionaire. The billionaire, Roman Abramovich, struggled with getting trophies to the team and was replaced swiftly by José Mourinho, who brought a string of victories.

After years of switching through manager so frequently, it’s clear to see why this team’s success have stalled. Even though they have victories, the shift in leadership can put a hamper on the team. The team is currently being guided under Antonio Conte, who brought Chelsea a sixth English title.

Chelsea Football Club Review

The Chelsea Football Club has a long history that dates back to 1877. There are not many sports franchises in the world that can claim such a storied history. While others in the United Kingdom have been staples for over one hundred years, Chelsea is one that continues to see its fan base loyal and dispersed.

The club has won multiple titles over the years and when the Premier League was formed 26 years ago, chose to break with tradition and join the league, created to help teams become more financially stable due to television royalties and marketing deals.

The club itself was formed in 1905 and in short, the order became known for acquiring the big names in the sport of soccer. However, the club spent the first 50 years chasing a major title, and it wasn’t until 1955 that the first of many titles to follow was realised. The team began in the first division and remained so for nearly 40 years where they were semi-finalists five times before finally winning the FA Cup in 55 as a result of Coach Ted Drake leading the team to victory.

The clubs latest victory came in 2016/2017 when they won the Premier League, Cup. Previously, the won in 2004/2005, 2005/2006 and 2009/2010. As history has shown, the clubs slow beginnings has risen to great success and Chelsea is now considered a top competing team in the Premier League.

Chelsea F.C Coaches

Head coach Antonio Conte manages the coaching staff at Chelsea. Conte is the fifth coach from Italy to manage the club. Previously he managed the Italian National team, and Angelo Alessio holds Juventus F.C. The First assistant coach position; he is joined by Antonio Conte’s younger brother Gianluca Conte.

Gianluca Spinelli is in charge of managing the goalkeepers. Spinelli previously coached the Italian squad for twelve years before moving to Chelsea. The club also employs several fitness coaches including Paolo Bertelli, Julio Tous and Chris Jones. They are assisted by Constantino Coratti who carries out the responsibilities as an assistant fitness coach.

In addition to the head coach, assistant coach and fitness coaches, Chelsea employs an assistant goalkeeper coach (Henrique Hilario). Additionally, there is management staff in place to assist the coaches in player development, fitness, player analysis, nutrition, and medical care.

Chelsea F.C Stadium

Chelsea F.C plays at the Stamford Bridge stadium. Built in 1877, it is long steeped in the tradition of football in the United Kingdom. It has undergone multiple renovations in the 70’s and 80’s and cost overruns nearly saw the stadium lost before being saved by new ownership. Its most recent renovation took place in the 90’s and it now seats 41,631.

Leagues Chelsea F.C Plays In

The Chelsea Football club plays in the Premier League and to date, it has won a total of six titles. These include winning the FA Cup seven times, the League Cup Championships five times, the FA Community Shields, four times, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups twice, the UEFA Champions League once and the UEFA Super Cup once.
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