Why Brazil Deserves to Be 2019 Copa America Champion

The home team won Peru 3-1 in the final on 7/7 and reached the top of South America for the first time in 12 years

The final of Copa America 2019 is somewhat similar to what happened in the group stage – where Brazil won 5-0. Peru entered well and had a dangerous chance first, while Brazil played cautiously and did not rush to push the squad. The game certainly helps the home team to control the ball, sometimes up to 70%, and almost no chance for Peru to penetrate the penalty area. Although not as broken as two weeks ago, the attack of the white shirt team is not much brighter, even when playing more people in the last 20 minutes of the game because Jesus received a second yellow card.

Brazil opened the scoring in the first phase thanks to Everton Soares. When Peru was not happy because of the equalizer on the penalty spot by captain Paolo Guerrero, the yellow-green team restored the advantage in the last minute of injury time in the first half. Arthur Melo won the ball on the Peru field, before setting up for Gabriel Jesus to cross the corner from the edge of the penalty area.

Brazil fans could have avoided the suspense in the second half of the second half if Coutinho and Firmino were more accurate at the post-break chances. However, the level of difference comes out at the decisive moment. When Peru constantly replaced and engrossed in attack, they vacated the defense. In a counterattack, Everton grabbed the ball straight into the middle of the three white shirts, and was hit by center-back Carlos Zambrano in the penalty area. From the 11m mark, the player who replaced Richarlison sank dangerously, setting up a 3-1 victory.

Brazil overwhelmed every statistic in Copa America 2019. They are the team with the most average possession, the most shots, the most accurate passes, even the best ball disputes.

Argentina Renewed Contract with Scaloni Despite Criticism After 2019 Copa America

Lionel Scaloni has signed a new contract with Argentina to extend the contract period until the end of the World Cup 2022 despite fierce criticism from the performance of the Tango team in the Copa America 2019 and the skeptical about training skills.

The extension is confirmed by AFA on its website and social media channels on July 30. The 41-year-old coach was initially hired as temporary manager of Argentina in August last year after more than two weeks of his sacking Jorge Sampaoli when the team was eliminated in the round of 16 at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Last November, Scaloni’s agreement was extended to December this year. However, after the 2019 Copa America in Brazil ended last month, Scaloni’s chair swelled violently because of Argentina’s less convincing performance, especially the 0-2 defeat to Brazilian rival in the semifinals. However, according to AFA, the third place in South America’s biggest tournament is believed to be the basis for this organization to continue to believe in Scaloni towards the World Cup 2022 qualifier.

The 2022 World Cup qualifier in South America will begin in March next year and last until mid-November 2021. With the new contract, coach Scaloni will also be responsible for leading Argentina at the Copa America 2020 when the country and Colombia co-host the tournament.

AFA’s decision this time again received mixed opinions when Scaloni never held the position of head coach before being appointed to lead Argentina. However, he received the support of many key players in Argentina, especially superstar Lione Messi.

Lione Messi will be banned from a match in the 2022 World Cup qualifier because the red card received in the 2019 Copa America third match. Even, the difficulty will await Scaloni do Messi facing the risk of CONMEBOL increasing the penalty. due to the criticism of the organizing committee of the Copa America 2019. According to the source from CONMEBOL, the Argentine striker may be banned for up to 6 months. However, Scaloni will have a chance to regain confidence and quell doubts if Argentina performs well in two friendly matches in September and October to meet Chile, Mexico (in the US) and Germany host.

The 2022 World Cup qualifier in South America competes like a table with 10 teams, playing in a round-robin and home-field format. The top 4 teams will win tickets directly to the finals of the 2022 World Cup, the 5th team will enter the intercontinental play-off match.

Brazil – the 2019 Copa America champion is just the beginning

A world-class football and a thirst for glory like Brazil obviously cannot be satisfied with the 2019 Copa America championship. That’s just the beginning of their ambition, the 2022 World Cup is the ultimate goal.

Those who look at the final score of the final may be deceived. It is true that Brazil has won 3-1, but Peru is not a weak opponent. The performance of the most surprising team of Copa America 2019 in the final is extremely impressive.

Not many stars, not appreciated, but Peru has caused a lot of difficulties for Brazil – the host of the tournament and take all advantages. The goal from veteran Paolo Guerrero in the final was only the first time in this tournament, Coach Tite’s army was conceded.

No longer a foolish Peru when he lost to 0-5 in the group match, Machu Picchu’s homeland team played a brave football, with a spirit of competition. They eliminated both Uruguay and Chile without ever conceding, and at least during the early part of the final, making Brazil sweaty.
But it is no coincidence that under the Tite era, the Brazilian team has only lost 2 matches in the last 3 years. One in the 2018 World Cup quarter-final against Belgium, one in the friendly against Argentina. The coach has started his coaching career since he was 30 years old and is known for his fervor of pragmatism, flexibility, and winning the first place. Another Carlos Dunga of Brazilian football. But modern and much more dangerous.

On ESPN, the famous journalist specializing in South American football, Tim Vickery made a notable remark: Brazil is playing more modern football than people think. Whenever losing the ball, coach Tite wants the students “pressing” to get the ball back as quickly as possible.
The goal to increase the score to 2-1 in the final with Peru is a testament. Gone are the days when people saw Ronaldinho, Ronaldo or Rivaldo dancing on the pitch, and playing improvised football. Brazil is now a collective with accurate, disciplined football and not making mistakes.

The debate about how beautiful football in Brazil has not ended, and will never end. But when Brazil lost to Belgium – a European team in the 2018 World Cup quarter-finals, it only reinforced Tite’s belief in the football he built.
Brazil will play pragmatically to achieve results. Not a football, a fancy color or trying to control the ball. In the 2019 Copa America, they have minimized every mistake, played firmly despite having a superior force compared to the rest. But Copa America, the tournament that has been held three times in the past four years, is only the beginning, the World Cup in the next 3 years in Qatar is the highest goal.

Copa America 2019: Venezuela Team Changed from U20 World Cup

Meeting Venezuela is expected to be easy for Argentina but try to ask the Brazilian what to think after a 0-0 draw with La Vinotinto in the group stage. It is hard to believe that Venezuela has changed so quickly in the context of facing economic and political obstacles.

Before the match with the 2019 Copa home team, Venezuelan coach Rafael Dudamel confessed that he grew up with love for Brazil. It is a common story for his generation: Brazil is the champion with a charming play and Venezuela is forever a weak team. Cheering for Brazil is a way for Venezuelans to feel they are involved in the World Cup. So the idea of La Vinotinto being able to compete with Selecao would be ridiculous. As the national team’s goalkeeper in the 1990s, Dudamel had to suffer heavy losses but things began to change.

The milestone was in 1996. Until that time, the World Cup qualifiers in South America were quick because there were few matches. Then 23 years ago, the marathon format was introduced: 10 countries were brought into a large group and then played at home and away for 18 months. Smaller countries can maintain their roster and invest in good coaches.

The result is a small revolution. Previously, Ecuador had never attended the World Cup, now they have three times and reached the second round in 2006. In 2018, Peru, after 36 years away from the World Cup, has brought a difficult match for The French team then won the World Cup return for the first time despite having to stop at the group stage.

With Venezuela, even though they have not yet participated in the World Cup, they are trying to achieve this goal. The 0-0 draw with Brazil in the Copa America 2019 group stage is not entirely due to luck. They used to draw Selecao in the World Cup qualifiers before and at the Copa America. They even defeated all rivals in South America and recently overtook Argentina in a 3-1 victory in Spain.

Great hope and it seems that the Venezuelans will not have to support Brazil in the World Cup anymore. They will have a team there to cheer.