Liverpool has beaten Everton

Not launching the strongest squad, Liverpool still beat Everton 5-2 in round 15 of the Premier League on December 4th.

Despite the importance of the Merseyside derby, coach Jurgen Klopp has left a series of pillars on the attack like Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to rest. Substitute factors such as Divock Origi or Xherdan Shaqiri did not betray Klopp’s belief, as he shone to help Liverpool decide the match in the first half.

In the 6th minute, the home team opened the scoring from a counterattack. Only Sadio Mane and Origi joined the ball, but two Liverpool players still combined to eliminate four Everton defenders and goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. Mane poked at Origi to use the speed of the exit, removing Pickford and finishing on the empty goal.

Liverpool’s early goal opened the match. Everton, who is not good at defending, rushed to attack right at Anfield. In the first half only, the match saw 6 goals scored.

Sadio Mane, who ranked fourth in the 2019 Golden Ball poll, is the protagonist of the half. The Senegal striker continued to assist Shaqiri to score in the 16th minute, in a similar ball to the opener. And also from another counter attack at the end of the first half, Mane cut his left foot to get his own goal.

The remaining Liverpool table in the first 45 minutes was scored by Origi. The Belgian striker completed the double in the 31st minute, with a controlled and clever finish after a long pass by Dejan Lovren.

Everton finished 8 times in the first half and with the game as if he didn’t care about the score, the visitors scored two goals. Center-back Michael Keane took advantage of the confusion to reduce the score to 1-2 in the 21st minute, before Richarlison headed the goal in the last minute of injury time for the first half.

Losing 2-4 after the first half of the match, Everton continued to advance in the second half but could no longer sustain the attack. The students Marco Silva were lucky not to concede after Sadio Mane missed two situations facing from the quick start of the home team. But Pickford still has to go into the net to pick the ball once more. Georginio Wijnaldum fixed Liverpool’s score 5-2 with a cross shot in the 90th minute.

With 43 points after 15 rounds, Liverpool restored the 11-point gap with Man City. Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students are eight points ahead of the second group of Leicester – the team won Watford 2-0 in this round. The victory over Everton helped Liverpool increase the unbeaten chain to 32 matches, breaking the unbeaten record that the team had set 31 years ago.

Everton Football Club Review

The Everton Football Club has a history that stems back for decades. The club was originally founded in 1878 and was formally known as the St. Domingo Football Club. The age of this club is noteworthy as there is only one other F.C that surpasses Everton’s age. While Everton may be one of the older F.C, the fanbase during the life of the club has shown their unwavering dedication and support – no matter the year.

The club has won several titles during its lifetime, many of them stemming back to 86’ and onwards. Though what truly makes this league stand out is that they are the founders of the Football League, which was formed in 1888, and then impressed even more as they managed to win their first league championship two seasons after the formation. This win was combined with the addition of two FA cup wins. However, their steady stream of success slowed down due to World War II. For a few years, the F.C suffered and eventually stopped playing until the mid-1960’s. The club was prominent during the 1980’s where they seem to be consistently winning, and the addition of another FA Cup win, as well as a League Championship, helped Everton gain a hefty following.

Other than having constant wins that seemed to overshine the loses, Everton was able to recruit some of the top football players that have made the news quite a few times, in recent years and in the past. As of now, the current team seems to be dedicated to the sport and ensuring that Everton keeps its high-status name. As in any sport though, the coaching is just as important as the team players and won their most recent FA Cup trophy in 1995 due to the impressive work of Joe Royle.

While the club may not have one any major trophies in the last decade, they still have racked up a notable size of receiving high honours as well as runner-up titles which both have been respectfully earned. Some of the most recent being the FA Cup Rubber Up award during the 2008-2009 season. Before that, the club has won two participation awards for both the UEFA Cup and the Champions League.

Everton F.C Coaches

Marco Silva is the current head coach of Everton. Silva is a Portuguese based football player who played for a variety of clubs in his origin country before retiring and going to coaching the sport he once played for. Before managing Everton, Silva oversaw five other clubs, such as Estoril and Watford to name a few. He is joined by João Pedro, who has taken the position of being the assistant manager.

The coaching staff is faster than the manager and assistant manager. The head of goalkeeping management is Hugo Oliveira, who has worked with three other teams in the past: Hull City, Watford, and Benfica – two of which were managed by Silva. In addition, there are several other coaches in the team that oversees specific areas to ensure that all the player’s needs are met fully.

Everton F.C Stadium

When the club was first formed, they played at Stanley Park where their first official match took place. Their stadium was gifted to them amid a generous donation by J. Cruitt. Although, the team now calls Goodison Park their home. It is in Walton, Liverpool and has been Everton’s stadium since 1892. The stadium can hold a hefty crowd of people – 39,572 – which has been filled out during one of the highly anticipated home games. The team trains in a different area, however. Since 2007, Everton has used Finch Farm as the clubs official training arena.

To date, Everton officially plays for the Premier League and has only won two titles since its membership begun. In addition, the team has also won the FA Cup a total of five times. Additionally, the team has won the English Champion nine times, the 1X Cup one time, and the 9x English SuperCup a total of none times. Along with this, the team has their fair share of honourable mentions as well.