Everton FC

Everton FCEver since it was founded in 1892 the club has seen many ups and downs but never a fall from Grace that left them permanently stumped. In its more than 100 years in football Everton has only dropped from the top for 4 of those years. The club has a very humble beginning as the result of a church Sunday school. After two years as the St. Domingo FC the club’s name was changed to Everton which was a district in Liverpool. Everyone did not waste time in becoming one of the biggest clubs of its era. It was even among the first 12 clubs that formed the European league. It would move on to become the winner if the league’s title in 1891 and then further to win the FA cup in 1893.

This was however a very low moment afterwards with the team only winning one FA cup in the years to follow. This went in until 1915. They were then fortunate enough to win the league title in this year. The team had immense support from its fans and city people. They would soon however return to the football map by acquiring Dixie Dean. This spectacular striker was just the boost that Everton needed back then to make it in the European games.  With their secret weapon in hand everyone win their 3rd league title. They would then soon win the 1932 league and the FA cup in 1933. Dixie had the tactical prowess needed to score goals in the league games that would add points to the team. He also had the speed required to maneuver the attacking team defenders. Dixie was the breath of fresh air that Everton needed to make it to the top.

The post-war period was however not so kind to Everton. They struggled to say the least in an effort to go back to their former glory. The appointment of Catterick as their new manager was soon to be their saving grace. This only further proofs that’s manager could make or break a team. Under his leadership they moved to win the league title in 1963. This was a memorable event but not as great as the one that occurred in 1966. The team went into win quite gloriously in the FA cup final in 1966.

The last if he clubs good years came in 1984 when they won the league title. Soon after they won their first double after that by securing the FA cup and a Winners Cup in the following year. Since then the club has had its ups and downs. The Premier League is kit one of its strong areas but they did manage to stay in the top half of the table over several years.

A small resurgence was felt under the management of David Moyes where they made it to an FA cup final and fourth position in the premier league in 2005.