Logo Explanation for Famous Football Clubs

The design of the logo can be changed over the years but they always have certain meanings. They are able to show the history, gameplay or spirit of the team. This article will explain to you the meaning of some famous football club logos that you may not know.


Arsenal’s nickname is also based on the image of the team logo with the cannon of the striking red background. The club was originally founded by a group of ammunition production workers at the Metropolitan Borough, Woolwich. The original Arsenal logo includes 3 columns that look like chimneys. However, they were actually three cannon cannons based on the iconic design of the Metropolitan Borough where the team was formed. The cannon image on the Arsenal Logo influenced the war situation in the region and although it had left Woolwich. The image of the cannon still evolved over the past five months and still plays a dominant role on Arsenal logos until now.


Chelsea with the image of a blue lion standing facing his head with a staff in his hand and two roses and two balls on either side. The lion image symbolizes the power of Count Cadogan, who used to be club president and once had the title of Viscount Chelsea. The stick symbolizes the pastor of Westminster area and the lords of Chelsea. Roses represent England and balls to express this sport.


The logo of Liverpool has the image of a bird flapping its wings, lying in a shield. This bird is called the Liver Bird which is the symbol of Liverpool city. This is a combination of eagles and cormorants, but some argue that this is a stylized kingfisher image as Liverpool is a port city. Above the shield symbolizes the Shankly gate with the words “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE” – the club’s traditional song. Below the shield was 1982 – the year of the club’s establishment. Two red flames flanked to symbolize the 96 victims killed in the Hillsborough disaster.

Perfect Day for Liverpool FC

The Liverpool Red promised their return to the highly antiquated Champions league next season due to them scoring fourth place during the final Premier League with an astonishing win. Their final game was filled with high tension and many of the players out their all into every move to ensure that they would claim their spot for the upcoming season.

One player, Mohamed Salah, is being recognised for his astonishing record-breaking 32nd top-flight goal. Salah is being dedicated as being one of the main reasons that the team made it to their current place, along with player Dejan Lovren, who helped double the team’s advantage during the game itself. When the end of the game was approaching, Dominic Solanke combined with Andy Robertson put the final seal of the game as they scored the winning shots.

Perfect Day Equals Happy Coach

The team’s manager, Jürgen Klopp, the manager of the Liverpool FC team, expressed his joy and content with the team’s success with their final league game. He describes it as being a “perfect day” – which many assumed was promoted over Liverpool’s perfect score of 4-0 over Brighton. He described the entire season using two words: exciting and intense. This is accurate seeing how hard the team played through the entirety of the season and took every loss with pride and promises of bettering themselves to make it to their goal. Klopp mentioned the team’s injuries and expressed his feelings regarding the members, saying that he knows when they are healed up, they’re going to be great assets during the Champions League.

However, Klopp did mention that although the team won – they could’ve still scored more points. Nevertheless, he’s happy that the team showed their potential and it landed them a spot in the Champions League. He did mention how he felt confident before the final game ended as soon as the score turned to 3-0. But Klopp is happy he stayed around for the entirety of the game to watch his team win.

Though Klopp added on that even though the team has 13 days to prepare for the Champions League final – he knows that no matter what. The Liverpool Reds are going to be ready. In the meantime, the team is going to practice and have a camp-like session until they are assured they’re ready to play for the final.

Klopp ended his sentiment with stating how this was a fantastic achievement overall from the boys. He’s happy with their overall performance this season and couldn’t ask for it to go any other way. The star players from tonight game expressed their happiness and judging from the photos of the entire team after the game – each member feels the same way. This is one of Liverpool FC most successful season and if they continue on their current track – the team is sure to have even more success during the Champion League.

Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool Football ClubSince the inception of the club it has been known to correlate with glory and fame internationally. A giant in its own right the club did not depend on one given player to rise to freedom but was a consistent winner in many of the leagues by tactical prowess. Liverpool was founded in the year 1892 and has won many trophies and leagues since then. Most football English clubs were named after the city in which they were founded and Liverpool is no different. The club was however formed in peculiar manner. After Everton moved on to new home grounds in 1892 the president of the club found himself with the rights to an entire football ground but no team to play there. The practical leader took it upon himself to start his own club- Liverpool.

After forming the club it would go on to enter first division after just one season of playing in second division. The club players were a force to reckon with as they went into win several league titles in the years to follow of 1901- 1923. This would see it rise the ranks to one of the most revered clubs in England. Despite the clubs popularity it did not survive we after the post WW2 Era which would see a mediocre performance cause the team to be relegated in the year 1954 back to second division. This would take a turn for better tidings after they hired Shankly as manager.

Shankly Era

Though most football clubs would like to think that their players are the reason for all their success the coach behind the wheel is more suited for that praise. Shankly saw the team rise up from the ashes like a phoenix to be back on top of the table in the English football world. His methods were somewhat unorthodox and did not sit well with most people. He did however deliver results which cannot be said about most people in this situation. His first order of business was to lunch the entire Team A off. Starting from scratch and building a team that would bring success to Liverpool. After they made their way back to first division the team won the division league title in 1964. The team went on to win two more league titles in 1966 and 1973. The most impressive feat was winning their first European cup- the UEFA Champions league in 1973. Shankly retired the next year due to personal issues. He left the club to his assistant to manage.  Paisley the assistant did not fail the team as heed them to victory after winning three league cups and six league titles. They went on to win more UEFA CUPS and 3 European Cups.


In one if the Liverpool matches with Juventus, some unruly fans caused a walk to collapse in the stadium. Since Al the fault was placed on the Liverpool fans English clubs were banned from playing in European matches for 5 years. At least 39 fans died on that fateful day.

Since they could no longer play in the European games they focused on domestic titles but tragedy seemed to follow them. In a game against Nottingham Forest, more than 90 fans died in a crowd rush Less than 6 minutes after the start of the game. This is the worst stadium accident to date in English Football. The game was an FA cup semifinals.