Chile coach: ‘Sanchez has more motivation in the National Team than Man Utd’

“He has the motivation to play for Chile. This is not easy to explain, but it is clear that Sanchez is much better at the team. Perhaps at Man Utd, he does not have a strong relationship with his teammates. as here, “Chile coach Reinaldo Rueda said after the pupil scored a goal, beating Ecuador 2-1 on June 21.

The goal against Ecuador was Sanchez’s second consecutive goal for the national team at Copa America. In the opening match, he also contributed to a 4-0 victory for Chile against Japan.

What Sanchez is showing in Chilean shirt is different from his performance in Man Utd. Since joining in early 2018 and earning a weekly salary of $ 650,000, the Chilean striker has scored twice in 27 games. He also frequently suffered injuries and played with a lack of positive psychological state.

“Sanchez is unfortunate because Man Utd has a problem for a while, there is no suitable tactical structure, injury and loss of stability. Fortunately, Sanchez’s injury is also different from injury. he has been in the club “, Rueda added about the difference between Sanchez in Copa America now with Man Utd over time.

Sanchez also admitted that he felt more comfortable going to the national team. “I overturned my ankle. The fact that I continued playing was thanks to my love for the team. When I played for the team, I was always happy,” striker 30 years old after the victory of Ecuador.

Full won the first two matches of the Copa America, Chile continued to claim the status of the defending champion. And with Sanchez’s recovery team, Coach Rueda is ready for the third consecutive championship.

If you win or draw Uruguay in the last match in Group C, Chile will protect the leading position. This is the position for them to meet one of the two best-ranked third-place teams, most likely the former Argentina opponent, in the quarterfinals.

Leicester reported sad news for two Manchester teams

Assignment MU 2019 has received sad news. Leicester announced that they did not sell Harry Maguire to the Reds, the King Power team also confirmed that they did not sell Ben Chilwell and James Maddison.
Manchester United and Man City are interested in many Leicester players

United are planning to bring a top midfielder in Summer 2019. The Red Devils are interested in Leicester midfielder Harry Maguire. In the summer of 2018, Red Man also paid attention to the 25-year-old player but did not succeed, the Old Trafford team has not given up. Solskjaer coach wants United to buy Harry Maguire for 65 million pounds.
Another Leicester star, Ben Chilwell, is also in the sights of City. This left-back England was targeted by Pep instead of Mendy, who continued to suffer injuries and had to take long-term leave. The green man accepts £ 50 million for the deal.

Leicester’s James Maddison is also in the sights of many big teams in the Premier League. Liverpool and Tottenham are said to be willing to spend £ 45 million to buy the star of the “Fox”. The Kop needs a good attacking midfielder and Spurs need a replacement for Christian Eriksen.

Leicester does not sell the best players

Assignment MU 2019 has received sad news. Leicester announced that they did not sell Harry Maguire to the Reds, the King Power team also confirmed that they did not sell Ben Chilwell and James Maddison.
According to Mirror, Leicester will not sell the best players in the squad, but they also accept spending up to £ 80 million to buy players this summer. When returning to manager Brendan Rodgers, the King Power team promised to give more money to the former Liverpool manager to upgrade the squad.

Leicester are determined to compete for tickets to the European Cup next season. King Power Stadium team prioritizes to retain the pillars, then take on new contracts. These Maguire, Chilwell and Maddison also all confirmed their future commitment to Leicester.

Manchester City

Manchester CityFounded in 1880 in Manchester, England, Manchester City FC has become a power house in today’s football world. With revenue of $646.2 million, Manchester City is still in the development of being a football and economic powerhouse. This was all done thanks in part to the growth in the massive revenue from commercial and broadcast revenue.

But even before then, they had some strong victories too. But this was also paired with some big struggles too.

Their Victories And Struggles

Their first victory began in the victory of the Second Division in 1899. This brought them up to the First Division and soon they received their first major honor in 1904. These victories were short lived however as in 1906, seventeen of their players were suspended due to alleged financial irregularities. Those allegations also included their captain at the time, Billy Meredith.

Furthermore in 1920, a fire broke out and destroyed the main stand, forcing them to relocate to a new stadium by 1923.

But from these tragic events, Manchester City did reach two FA Cup finals consecutively, eventually claiming the victory by 1934. They also broke the record for highest home attendance, with 84,569 fans present. From there they went on to win their first First Division title in 1937.

From that point, City was going through ups and downs, hitting a lot of turmoil in the 1960s and 1970s. They then started to recover around the early 2000’s with close games, but also ones where they crushed their opponents. In 2001-02, City broke their club record in the Division One championship of points gained and the goals scored.

Even though there were many victories after that, it’s clear that Manchester City has one major aspect riding for them: the overwhelming support of their fans.

The Support

Everyone needs support obviously, but Manchester City is an interesting example of overwhelming support. Ever since the team moved to City of Manchester Stadium, their average attendance ranks them in the top six in England. Their average is usually upwards to 40,000 people.

By 2005, research was conducted by Manchester City to figure out their fan base. It was estimated to be 2 million people strong worldwide, with roughly 886,000 of them being in the UK. What certainly helped the team was the creation of recognized supporters clubs too. They created a support club in 1949, however that club merged with the Official Suppers Club and Centenary Supporters Association by 2010.

What also solidifies their fan base is the The City fans’ song of choice. It’s a rendition of “Blue Moon”, a rather melancholic tune, but the fans make it sound like a heroic anthem. There is also their unwavering support in seeing the team’s unpredictability as “typical City” actions. Some examples of these was their rein in English football despite being relegated in 1938, the only team to ever beat Chelsea in 2005-05 Premier League, amongst many others.

Regardless it’s clear that their fans are massive supporters and Manchester City owes a lot to their fans.