Dobrovolski Igor Ivanovich: The Only Player in the Soviet Union Champions League

Dobrovolski Igor Ivanovich came to football very early. He was educated at TAFIOLOL (CH Moldovan), a school of football talents in his teens.

An agile player, technically, good in both midfield and striker positions. At the age of 17 (1984), Dobrovolski was played in the main squad of Zimbru (one of the famous clubs, for many years Moldovan champions). After a season here, his reputation has spread throughout the Soviet Union. Strong clubs such as Spartak Moscow, Dinamo Kiev … have all the way to get him. But Dobrovolski decided to join Dinamo Moscow (1986-1990). With good cleft and good shooting skills, Dobrovolski was given the responsibility of leading the team’s play. Even in his first season, he helped Dinamo Moscow to win the Soviet Union Silver Cup (the last time the club won the Silver Cup in 1970). He was also the most outstanding player in Soviet football ever and was awarded the Soviet Union Player of the Year (23 years).
In 1990, Dobrovolski moved to Deportivo (Spain) to confirm himself and look for other big names. Dobrovolski is very strict with himself and often follows the hunch. A year later he left Deportivo to join Servette (Switzerland, 91/92) and then to Genoa (Italy, 1992). In the fall of 1992, Dobrovolski pulled off his shirt with the call of Olympic Marseille, one of the most celebrated French and European clubs of his time, with the hunch that he would win a Champions League title. . And fate smiled at him! Dobrovolski won the double: Champions League and French league 92/93 season.
In the autumn of 93/94, Dobrovolski returned to Dinamo Moscow and one year later came to Spain for Atletico Madrid (94/95) and Fortuna Dusseldorf (Germany, 1996-1999).
Dobrovolski was one of the few young players to get the lead in the Soviet Union. At the age of 19 (1986), he made his first appearance for the England national team. During the 12 years (1986-1998) devoted to the Soviet team and the Russian team, Dobrovolski had 18 goals in 60 appearances. In the victory of the Soviet Union in the 1988 Olympic Games against Brazil, Dobrovolski’s first goal was to score 2-1.
4 times Dobrovolski was listed in the list of 33 best players in Soviet and Russian football history.

What Does the Future Hold for Kylian Mbappe?

Kylian Mbappe might be too young to purchase a beer in the United States, but he’s already a World Cup winner with a few domestic cups at home as well. The France forward is undoubtably the most talked about football player in the world and is already considered one of the Top 5 players in the world. He managed to achieve all of this before he turned 20 which is quite impressive to say the least.

On 2 December 2018, Mbappe will celebrate he’s third year of professional football where he initially walked onto the field at the age of 16 when AS Monaco played against Caen. He entered the game during the 88th minute and replaced Fabio Coentrao, becoming the youngest first-team player for the club and breaking the record in the process that was held by Thierry Henry two decades ago.

Kylian Mbappe and the Next Three Years

Since he made his debut three years ago, a lot has occurred for the young superstar. The last three years have been nothing short of spectacular, but the most important time for Mbappe is not the three years that past, but the three years that is still to come. The way he emerged on the scene was phenomenal. However, his ability to reach new heights, keep improving, and establish himself as one of the greats will certainly be a more difficult challenge.

There’s no doubt that Mbappe will get better. There is still loads of room for improvement, especially when it comes to finishing. He’s decision making could be better as well as his work ethic and while he improves, he will also learn how to deal with expectations and pressure better. Within the next three years, fans can expect to see him hold down the No. 9 position more permanently. He is enjoying playing on the wing for both Paris Saint-Germain and France at the moment, but there’s no denying that he’s future is leaning more towards a centre-forward. This is where Mbappe is the best as he can utilise his skill and qualities in this roll far better.

How Kylian Mbappe Can Improve

During the 2018 season, as well as late last season, Mbappe showed some complacency and arrogance. However, in the years to come, Mbappe will need to be more disciplined. He needs to be the best role model he can possibly be. There’s no more room to arrive late for meetings and he cannot continue with a nonchalant attitude going forward. There’s also no more room for his condescending behaviour either. Thankfully, he’s friends and family can keep him grounded as he continues to grow in popularity around the world.

According to UK bookmakers, a lot can change for the club in the next three years. Mbappe is currently the heart and soul of PSG and is a valuable asset for the club and they will undoubtably want to keep him for as long as possible. However, will Mbappe be around at PSG for longer than three years?

Jose Mourinho Takes Centre Stage After Chelsea – Man Utd Draw

Jose Mourinho is considered a lightning rod, for bad or good. Even when it’s not his fault, he usually ends up being in the spotlight, this time around at the hands of Marco Ianni after the chaotic and dramatic 2-2 draw against Chelsea on Saturday at Stamford Bridge.

Who is Marco Ianni?

This is probably a question that Jose Mourinho uttered prior to the start of the game on Saturday afternoon. However, he is well aware of who Marco Ianni is now after the Italian provoked the former manager of Chelsea with an enthusiastic celebration following Ross Barkley’s equaliser on the 96th minute.

The official title for Ianni is the second assistant to Maurizio Sarri, Chelsea’s head coach. However, he will now always be remembered as the guy who goaded Jose Mourinho, leading the Manchester United manager to chase him down the tunnel after the game was done and dusted. It was already quite dramatic after Barkley scored the late goal, but while Mourinho was mostly blameless during the game, it’s valid to ask if Ianni would have reacted the same if Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp was in the position as opposed to Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho

This is, unfortunately, the reality that Jose Mourinho needs to accept. Due to his history and own track record of antagonising opponents, Mourinho now finds himself facing the same kind of behaviour that he has been guilty of in the past. No one will ever forget how Mourinho poked Tito Vilanova straight in the eye or when he sprinted down the touchline at Old Trafford to celebrate the last minute equaliser of Porto at Man Utd. After accepting the post-match apology from Ianni, Mourinho admitted that he can’t hold a grudge against the Italian given his own actions in the past.

“I’m definitely not annoyed with anything that took place,” Jose Mourinho stated. “Sarri was the first to state that he will resolve it after what occurred with his assistant.”
“Sarri’s assistant already approached me and apologised for what happened, and I told him to just forget it. There’s a lot of mistakes I made in the past, especially when I was his age.”

The Chelsea manager admitted that Jose Mourinho was wronged and displayed far more diplomacy than the previous Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte.

“Once the match was over, I spoke to Mourinho and instantly realised that we were to blame for what occurred,” Sarri stated. “I immediately spoke to my second assistant and requested that he goes an apologise to Mourinho for his actions. Now everything is resolved.”

However, what occurred thereafter was classic Jose Mourinho. Chelsea fans managed to taunt the former manager by chanting ‘F— off Jose Mourinho!’ from the main stands. Jose Mourinho simply replied by showing three fingers to the Chelsea crowd. The three fingers basically indicated the 3 Premier League titles that Jose Mourinho managed to win as the manager of the club.

Tottenham’s Targets Were Unaffordable During Summer Window

Mauricio Pochettino recently admitted that he hoped to improve on his squad during the summer, but stated that Tottenham’s top targets were unfortunately unaffordable and it would have been pointless to sign players that they didn’t really need.

Daniel Levy, the chairman, stated Tottenham’s lack of transfer activity does not relate to the rising cost of the brand-new stadium, and Mauricio Pochettino confirms that there was indeed money to be spent, but certainly not enough to bring players in that would have a significant impact.

Mauricio Pochettino commented stating, “You fully understand the market and know that you’re going to compete with various football clubs. Perhaps you have the money. But will it be enough? Let’s assume I have $1, and you have $10, the next club has $100, and the club after that has $1,000. I obviously have the money to spend, but the main question is, will it be enough?

Pochettino continued by adding, “If you are interested in signing Player X and you request him and find out that you need to pay $100 million, you realise that you have money but certainly not enough to sign what we want or what we need. Thereafter, you will need to move on and suddenly realise that the player you are looking for is not on the market.”

Pochettino also commened on signing new players adding, “We attempted to sign a few players, but unfortunately we didn’t achieve what we wanted or needed. One thing is extremely clear; all the managers and coaching staff constantly want to improve their squad by signing and adding players from the football academy. We obviously want to do the same at Tottenham as football is essentially dynamic.”

Pochettino stated that you, “You need to come up with something fresh and exciting every six months. However, if you are unable to sign who you want or need, and simply sign players to make everyone happy, it’s not common sense. We clearly indicated that we are not populists or politicians this summer. It’s extremely easy to tell everyone we are going to sign two new players to make people happy. However, if we don’t require the players who are available, why on earth would we sign them?”

Tottenham Hotspur in October

There’s no denying that October has been a difficult month for Tottenham in the last few seasons. They encountered a 4-match winless streak during the 2015/16 season and a 7-match winless streak during the 2016/17 season in October. Last year, they suffered back-to-back defeats against Manchester United and West Ham towards the end of October.

However, Pochettino has recently said that this is the most difficult season for Tottenham due to the fact that key figures made a late return after the World Cup. However, he hopes that the recent challenges his star players have been facing will assist them in improving their fortunes during this stage of the tournament.

“There’s no denying that we struggled in previous seasons when it comes to October. However, with all the pre-season circumstances, things might have changed”,Pochettino stated.

Arsenal vs Everton – Betting Tips, Predictions, and Odds

In the Super Sunday clash this weekend, fans will be eager to see a well-performing Arsenal squad play host to the Dogs of War at the Emirates Stadium. Everton will be extremely disappointed after suffering a devastating 3-1 loss against West Ham last weekend who are currently ranked 16th overall in the Premier League. In addition, two new managers, Marco Silva and Unai Emery, will meet on Sunday where they’ll be analysing the implementation of their tactics.

Arsenal: Home Team

It was certainly a doom and gloom situation for Arsenal following their first two matches of the season. On the opening day of the Premier League, Arsenal was outplayed and outsmarted by Manchester City which was followed by an unfortunate 3-2 defeat at the hands of Chelsea. This was certainly not the start fans were expecting, especially due to the recent departure of Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger.

However, although they are experiencing a bad situation, it could have easily turned into a horrible situation if the squad continued to lose important matches and drop points. Thankfully, Arsenal managed to obtain three consecutive victories where they managed to beat Newcastle, Cardiff, and West Ham. The two recent wins by Arsenal were away games and fans will be extremely satisfied with this as most of the away games in the previous season were mostly defeats.

It might only be three matches, but those victories will certainly give loads of confidence to the team which could produce a fourth consecutive win that will improve the squad’s standings in a familiar environment on the leaderboard. Xhaka and Ozil, two exceptional football players, obtained the necessary goals in their most recent game. Hopefully they can produce the same when they face Everton on Sunday.

Everton: Away Team

Underwhelming, Standard, Mediocre. These three words are probably what fans of Everton are thinking when they summarize how their team started this season. They must be optimistic after bringing in Marco Silva along with brand-new signings, but the fact that they only claimed one victory in 5 games doesn’t display a world-class team.

They recently suffered a loss against West Ham at home, which is arguably the biggest shock to fans. It also proves that Everton aren’t anywhere close to where they need to be. They are now travelling to a stadium where they currently have a horrible record and will hope and pray that a great deal of luck will come their way.

Betting Tips and Predictions

Although Everton hasn’t claimed a single victory at the Emirates Stadium, Marco Silva has. In 2015, Silva managed to win as Olympiakos manager and another Arsenal win is currently priced at 11/2.

Arsenal are undoubtably the favourites in this match up as they will attempt to claim their fourth victory which is currently at 4/9. A tie comes in at 18/5. If you interested in winning big money, you can boost your odds by backing Alexandre Lacazette as the player to score first in a 1-3 win, priced at 28/1.

Paris Saint Germain vs Liverpool Betting Tips and Predictions

Although this is only considered the opening group match in the Champions League this season, many believe that this can also be considered a final. Even though Liverpool managed to reach the final during the Champions League last season, the Reds were drawn from pot number 3 and will need to face Red Star Belgrade, Napoli, and PSG as they battle it out to reach the knock-out stages.

Both Liverpool and PSG are experiencing strong starts to this year’s season as both are boasting with a 100% records in Ligue 1 and the English Premier League. Liverpool is slowly starting to convince several critics that this year will finally be the season where they win the prestigious Premier League. Apart from the goals flowing in, their first four league matches have seen Liverpool concede only once.

PSG, on the other hand, is dominating French football, and their first four league matches have all been victorious by at least two goals, boasting with 13 goals in total thus far. The biggest challenge for PSG this season is to reach the knock-out stages of the Champions League finally.

PSG vs Liverpool Favourites and Predictions

The draw for the group stages in the Champions League has produced some captivating matches with Tottenham playing against Manchester United and Barcelona as well as Juventus in the same group. Group C is considered the most difficult task for all teams involved as PSG take on Liverpool, Red Star Belgrade, and Napoli. The match between PSG and Liverpool has all the right ingredients to provide an absolute classic battle. Liverpool has managed to win eight friendly, and league matches and accumulated maximum points during their first 4 Premier League matches to top the table standings. PSG are currently at the top of Ligue 1 with 100% record in their first four games.

They are aiming to win their domestic league, but their biggest wish is to go for glory in the Champions League. PSG has never gone further than the quarterfinals and during the last two seasons, never made it past the last 16 stage, and that’s with Mbappe and Neymar in the squad. PSG has a slight advantage in this incredible match as they are playing at home. PSG has also managed to score three goals in the last six fixtures, and Neymar and Mbappe have eight goals between them.

PSG vs Liverpool Betting Odds

It should come as no surprise that this game will produce loads of sensational goals. The last eight away games by PSG have managed to have a 2.5 goal average, while Liverpool also impresses with ten in the last twelve games in the Champions League which also gives them over 2.5 goals in each match. When it comes to betting odds, you will find that most sports betting sites are favouring Liverpool to win the match at +115, while PSG is at +200 to win the match. There’s also the possibility for a draw at +280.

Madrid Without Ronaldo

There most certainly was a bit of disaster and chatter following CR7’s decision to transfer to Juventus in the Spanish capital, but then the European Champions made an amazing start to this season. Obviously, there are quite a few jokes making the rounds, especially amongst Real Madrid fans, the most common is that since Cristiano Ronaldo left, its finally time to admit that everyone always knew was the truth and that is that the best player in the world is Lionel Messi.

It signifies just one of several humorous narratives surrounding the departure of Ronald, as with most or all gags, it is coping with what had happened in a waggish way, and there is often not an element of truth in it. First, Cristiano was their main man, it’s a fact that can’t be debated by the Bianco’s and now that he left, they make it another story altogether.

What’s Happening to Real Madrid in the Absence of Cristiano Ronaldo

To find out what is happening and what will follow need a step back to look at what life was like when Ronaldo was part of Real Madrid, and he was in the Spanish capital. A Real Madrid legend, who prefer to remain anonymous said 5 years ago that should Ronaldo left, no one would shed a tear, and this was at a time when the Portuguese were at the peak of his powerful career. In some circles, there has always been a sense that Renaldo was someone thinking he was as powerful as the club, a goal mercenary that troublingly thought at times he was actually bigger than the club, which did not go down well with all.

Team Mates were Told to Praise Ronaldo

Between 2010 up to 2013, when Jose Mourinho was the coach, many of the team-mates were told to praise Ronaldo publicly and almost instructed to pay homage to Cristiano, such importance he had in winning their games. Demands like these that removed all chances of a harmonious dressing room atmosphere. Ronaldo only gained and earned the respect of his fellow team-mates when he dared to face up to Mourinho as well as question his authority. Still, when it comes down to team comments, Ronaldo had a diva-like attitude that was always excused via statements that indicated that it was what he is like and Madrid then made a Faustian agreement to permit this individualistic behaviour in order to benefit from his outstanding performance.

Up to now, fellow players had no choice but to accept his whims and ways even though they never liked Renaldo’s antics and truth be told most never liked him. One thing is as clear as daylight, and that is that Ronaldo was not the most popular in the changing room of Madrid, and apart from it all he still did enjoy a very close friendship with Marcelo. With the rest of the team, his relationship was business-like. Ramos might just state it all perfectly when he said thankfully Madrid are free from covering up and overlooking the egotistical and emotional behaviour of Ronaldo. The European champions are doing great, they’ve turned over a new leaf, and it seems they are not missing the record scorer all that much.

Juventus Football Club Review

Juventus Football Club, also colloquially referred to as Juve, is an Italian professional football club situated in Turin, Piedmont. Established by a group of Torinese students all the way back in 1897, the club has worn a white and black striped home kit ever since 1903 and has enjoyed home games on various grounds located around its city, the latest of which is Allianz Stadium with a capacity of 41,507. Nicknamed “The Old Lady”, the Juventus club has claimed 7 National Super Cups, 13 Coppa Italia titles, 34 League titles, 2 Intercontinental Cups, 1 European Cup Winners’ Cup, 2 EUFA Champions Leagues, 1 UEFA Intertoto Cup, and 2 UEFA Super Cups.

Initially established under the name – Sport-Club Juventus, it was originally an athletics club. The club is the second oldest of its kind which is still active in the country following Genoa’s football section. In fact, it has been competing uninterruptedly in the Series A league since 1929 since its inception in 1900 after it changed its name to Juventus Football Club. The club has been managed since 1923 by the industrial Agnelli family. The relationship between the dynasty and the club is considered the longest and oldest in national sports, making the Juventus Football Club the first professional sports club in the country.

Juventus Football Club Coach

Giovanni Trapattoni, also referred to as “Trap” is the football manager for Juventus and is also a former footballer who is considered the most successful coach in the Serie A league. As a former defensive midfielder, Trapattoni spent most of his career with A.C Milan, allowing him to win two European Cups and two Serie A league titles. On an international scale, Trapattoni earned 17 caps and participated in the FIFA World Cup of 1962 in Chile.

As one of the most celebrated football managers in history, he is one of five coaches, alongside Tomislav Ivic, Jose Mourinho, Ernst Happel, and Carlo Ancelotti to have won league titles in four European countries. Overall, Trapattoni has claimed ten league titles in Austria, Portugal, Germany, and Italy. He is also the only coach, alongside Udo Lattek, to have won 3 major European Club competitions, including EUFA Cup Winners Cup, UEFA Cup, and European Cup.

Juventus Stadium

The Juventus Stadium, also referred to as Allianz Stadium commercially since July 2017, or sometimes simply referred to as the Stadium in Italy, is an all-seater stadium situated in Vallette borough of Turin. It is also the home of the Juventus Football Club. This sensational stadium was built on the site of Torino’s and Juventus’ former home, known as Stadio delle Alpi, and is considered one of the only three club-owned stadiums in Serie A, along with Udinese’s Stadio Fruili and Sassuolo’s Mapei Stadium.

The stadium opened its doors at the start of the 2011-12 season and boasts with a capacity of more than 41,000 spectators. The Juventus Football Club played their first match on 8 September 2011 in the stadium against Notts County which ended in a 1-1 draw. The stadium also played host for the EUFA Europa League Final in 2014.

Brazil Loses its Rank of Being the Best Soccer Nation

During Brazil’s most recent match, the team lost hope as they made their way out of the World Cup despite putting their all into their final game. One of the highlight names of the team Neymar showed that he has been putting work in to improve his standing, but even after a series of lacklustre dives and steals, even he couldn’t save the team from being dropped from the competition.

The team put their all into their pursuit of saving their title at the World Cup this year. While they started off strong, the team did not seem to be able to pull through when they needed to the most. Many fans who were at the stadium and watching from home – which to be honest was probably in the thousands as soccer is basically a religion in the country – expressed their sadness due to the outcome of the match.

Despite the copious amount o prayers that fans sent and the hard work the team has put in, Brazil went home against their match with Belgium. Although, the reasoning for this is not because Belgium is filled with super players who are impossible to defeat. If anything, it was because Brazil wasn’t good enough and didn’t play as the needed to secure their spot during the tournament. However, anyone who read the final score of Brazil 1, Belgium 2, would probably do a double take.

Belgium should receive the attention it has though for a handful of reasons though. Compared to Brazil, Belgium has better organization, skills, strategies, dedication, passion, unity, and by the way, the results if the match went, better players who became fierce competition from Brazil.

One of the other hand, Brazil uses its name at its standing. While the team has a legacy which is rightfully deserved, it seems that as of late that’s the only thing the players are riding on. While every soccer fan knows of Brazil’s soccer history, that still isn’t enough for the team to secure a win and a place during the World Cup if their players and management are not up to par. It’s almost an undeniable fact that Brazil has lost some of the twinkles in its eye for one reason or another, which has been seen as the team barely making it to the semi-finals before being destroyed by German in an embarrassing match.

Although, many fans are placing the blame on Neymar, who is also known as being one of the leading faces in the news whenever Brazil is being spoken about. His antics and cockiness that he displayed earlier in the tournament did not cast a favourable option upon Brazil. If anything, it caused many fans to begin rooting for other teams, or other individual players for Brazil instead of the entire team.

Despite the savage loss of winning the World Cup title, Neymar did not show a bit of emotion once the game concluded. The same cannot be said for his teammates who were visually upset by the results. Maybe next season Brazil can get on their A-game instead of relying on their name and history as the driving for of their reputation.

AC Milan Is Barred from Playing for a Season

This news comes as a shock as the Italian Giants has had a relatively successful season this year. Although, they have been banned from participating in the next season as allegations regarding Financial Fair Play regulations being breached by the team. The news is followed after the announcement that AC Milan has qualified to participate in the Europa League after their impressive finish from Serie A.

The UEFA has made an official claim which states that the league, who after spending nearly £200m on player transfers during the previous summer, has breached the rules that require the club to break even. Despite the claims and the punishment, the league has stated that they are making plans to appeal this claim to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to hopefully be allowed to play in the upcoming season as they originally had planned. According to a twitter update by the official club – has alluded that the running by UEFA was not completely fair nor based on all of the facts.

Another official statement from AC Milan stated that they are ready to be redeemed from the previous errors that they made by paying the consequences, although, despite having respect for the rules and regulations, the team still expects that they should be treated with the same level of equality. On Wednesday, the club did release their legal team to review the case, appeal it, and ask for a prompt response from the court.

What Were the Sanctions that AC Milan had?

AC Milan has a unique history as the club was initially owned by Silvio Berlusconi, an Italian Prime Minister until 1986 where it was then sold to a Chinese association for a whopping 740 million euros in the summer of 2017. Since then, the club was recorded going on an unusual spending spree to bring in the best players the club though was needed to ensure success. Starting off with Leonardo Bonucci along with Andre Silva – thus creating history as it was the first time in 16 years that the club willing broke the £30m cap for transferring players.

The issue began to arise as the UEFA stated that there were still remaining uncertainties that has been investigating the finances of the club. The origin of these doubts was formed from the suspicions of not being able to refinance a loan that is expected to be paid back in October of 2018. Which causes concern as the financial fair play rules were created to avoid any of the clubs from creating an unpayable debt which can be punished if the team if proven that they are spending more than they are bringing in.
AC Milan Reaction

The figureheads of the club have stated the spending was done in order to create a new and renovated squad that will improve their chances. Although, the investment to bring in younger players does come as the cost as the first team’s salaries before the transfers were rated to be around less than 60%. Milan has also mentioned that the investments are going towards more than just finding younger players. Instead, some of the investments have gone towards the training groups as it is planned to host a women’s team in the upcoming season. The club finished by stating that these invests are necessary as they will improve Milan’s impact in the football world.