Cristiano Ronaldo Wants to Return to Real Madrid

Even though just left Real Madrid in the summer of 2018 to go to Juventus, Ronaldo has wanted to return to the Spanish Royal team in the future.

According to Don Balon, Cristiano Ronaldo is planning to return to Real Madrid in the future. However, he wants to make a comeback as the ambassador of the team because CR7 has had successful years with this club. Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, insisted Ronaldo wanted to return to this position, similar to the case of Ronaldinho at Barca. After retiring, the Brazilian star returned to Barca as a visual ambassador.

Real Madrid will have to pay Ronaldo if the Portuguese superstar accepts the responsibility of ambassador. CR7 is expected to receive about 1 million euros. The ambassador’s job is to travel to parts of the world to participate in activities as Real Madrid. This is said to interest CR7. However, if he took the job, Ronaldo would have to put aside his personal business projects.

Ronaldo joined Real from MU in the summer of 2009 for 94 million euros. In 9 years with the Bernabeu team, CR7 scored 450 goals in 438 games. He and Los Blancos won 4 Champions League titles and 2 La Liga championships. CR7 also has 4 more Ballon d’Or Awards during this period.

In the summer of 2018, Ronaldo was shocked when he left Real Madrid to go to Juventus for 112 million euros. Ronaldo insists he wants to look for new challenges. In his first season with Juventus, Ronaldo won the Bianconeri to win the Serie A. Championship. He also won The Player of The Season Award according to the organizers.

However, in the Champions League, Ronaldo could not help Juventus win the title when Ajax was eliminated in the quarterfinals. This season, Ronaldo still maintained the form with Juventus. He has 2 goals for the Allianz team since the beginning of the season.


Iker Casillas: The pain of a god!

Iker Casillas has accomplished all the great titles that the player desires: the World Cup, the Euro, the UEFA Champion League, the domestic championship, … but ironically, his last dream – “out walking like a good person “has not become a reality forever.

Real Madrid is a club that is rich in tradition and ambitious, built, supported and run by the old brains of politicians and merchants. Throughout Los Blancos’ history, they dominated the La Liga championship table as well as the number of C1 titles brought to the Santiago Bernabeu. About 20 years ago, the royal team is the place to go and go of so many big stars but the common point is that they don’t stay long. However, if there is a person who stays for a long time, it is not necessarily that they are in love with Real Madrid – the most extreme club in the world, and those who do both can only be Iker Casillas.

At 38, Casillas turned to Porto and looked for the last happy days on the pitch, but ironically, a heart attack made him say a farewell for the second time in tears but pain more than doubled. If Buffon is still quite sensitive and able to fight in Ligue 1, Iker Casillas can only recall the best days with memories or through videos. These are the glorious days, the days when he was young, strong and in good shape, constantly flying and saving Real Madrid from the visible losses. People call him “Holy” not only because he is more capable than a person but because of his precious personality.
Iker Casillas was born on May 20, 1981 in the city of Mostoles, in the self-governing community of Madrid, the son of Mr. Jose Luis Casillas and Mrs. Maria Gonzalez. Iker Casillas also had a younger brother who also followed the number of shorts but not famous; Shortly after, Iker Casillas and his family moved to Madrid, where he joined the youth academy of Real Madrid – La Fabrica. At the age of 16, he was called up to a Real Madrid team but only on the bench, and after a short time with Team C in the fourth division, Casillas gradually gained the trust of the coaching team. On September 18, 1999, 18 years and 180 days, the young man, Iker Casillas, officially launched the world’s most powerful club – Real Madrid.

Debut match Real Madrid fans that day officially helped Casillas put pen into writing a book with many chapters containing countless successes and failures, glory and tears; it was the day that life gave Real Madrid a treasure, helping them in turn to collect so many great and small titles. In the 1999/00 UEFA Champions League final, Real Madrid beat Valencia 3-0 and Iker Casillas got his first major title in his career just a day after his 19th birthday. Competition in Real Madrid It took place as an indispensable survival rule, and once again proved that none other than Casillas was chosen.

Champions League 1/8: The MU future is faded, Real should be careful

Here are 3 things that can be concluded after the first round match in 1/8 Champions League.

1. MU future is faded

Was rated higher than the opponent with a strong force, destructive style, but MU suddenly fell 0-2 right at home in the Champions League first leg. The team performed a blurred face and allowed PSG to control 3 light lines on February 13. Obviously, this result arose from criticism from the world media.
Optimistic, this is not the end of Manchester United. The home team is still coming back to save the situation. However, the question that was asked “What does the Red Devil” take to fight against the representative of France? Not mentioning much, having to march to the courtyard of the “Prince’s Park” has become a big challenge for Solskjaer teachers and students.

Remarkably, MU after a humiliating defeat, lost more Pogba because of the red card, Martial and Lingard injured the situation. Meanwhile, the defending Ligue 1 champions, they may return Cavani back in the rematch. The army of Solskjaer can show strong power in the domestic tournament, only regret at the arena of the class named Champions League, the team suddenly fledgling and lacking the bravery of a giant. In the history of C1, there are still spectacular back-to-back displays, but it is clear that the current situation is too difficult for MU.

2. Real be careful with Ajax

With the current position of Real, despite not being able to keep the power of destruction, they are still much more appreciated than Ajax. The sublimation circuit in La Liga with the Copa del Rey also makes the white shirt army confidently decide on Johan Cruijff Arena.

Finally, “Los Blancos” is just as expected to win and holds the advantage of 2 away goals. However, this result does not mean that Solari teachers and students have an easy match. Ajax really makes the reigning European champions difficult. The way to attack the total force, to force the opponent from the Dutch representative many times overwhelmed the white vulture.

Statistics show that the Erik ten Hag troop is in no way inferior to the Spanish giant. Only regret in the second half, the stars fell down and let the opponent have the opportunity to finish the home team. Ajax lacks perhaps the bravery, the old fox and a little luck. In the second leg, if the performance of the face is as early as February 14, the Dutch representative has absolutely a reason to dream about the back-to-back curtain.

3. Tottenham: New Premier League hopes

It was not until the last minute that Tottenham could get a ticket to advance to the next round. Fun has not been long, Spurs have to pick up Dortmund in the 1/8 of the Champions League. After what was shown in the group stage, there was little hope for the north London representative in the European arena.
However, the morning of February 14 is a completely different Tottenham, the competition is full and brave. Dortmund is not an easy name, but Pochettinho’s teachers destroyed the opponent with the score 3-0. It can be said that Spurs has stepped one leg into the quarterfinals of C1. Not only that, the home team is also the first name in the Premier League to go on. From the ignored name, “Rooster” is now England’s new hope in Europe.

Juventus Intentionally Buy Two Others Big Stars of Real Madrid

Juventus still do not want to stop recruiting troops from Real Madrid when they are trying to buy Luka Modric and Isco.

Juventus are constantly preparing forces for the following season even though they are focused on winning the Champions League this year. With ownership in the Cristiano Ronaldo squad, Juventus has now become an attractive destination for stars and “Old Lady” is willing to take advantage of that to recruit recruits, though they are still mostly buy cheap sale expensive
Having almost reached an agreement to bring Aaron Ramsey midfielder from Arsenal this summer, Juventus continues to add people in the middle and aims to increase creativity. Paulo Dybala is just a player and Juventus wants more mutants on the attacking front, not just doing interceptors like Matuidi, Khedira, Pjanic, Emre Can or Bentancur.

Tuttosport newspaper recently said that it is difficult to buy Isco from Real Madrid but Juventus will still persevere, because they are very fond of the ability to make mutations from the Spanish midfielder’s passes. If Real Madrid demanded the transfer of Dybala to get Isco, Juventus would definitely refuse because it would completely fail to supplement their original force.

But besides Isco, Juventus also wants another Real player to be veteran midfielder Luka Modric. Modric after the 2018 World Cup made a reputation for Inter Milan, before changing his mind because of the promise of a raise. But with Real Madrid falling this season and only focusing on getting tickets to the Champions League, Juve is hoping to bring Modric to play at the Allianz Stadium.

If Isco is still under contract with Real Madrid until 2022, the case of Modric will be easier for Juventus when by 2020 he will be out of contract with “Los Blancos”, the 2019 summer news is the ideal time for Juventus to buy he is cheap, and is also the last chance for Real to sell Modric to earn some money.

If winning the signature of Modric, Juventus will surpass Inter Milan by the Croatian midfielder is the big goal that Inter has pursued more than 6 months ago. Modric’s 33-year-old is not so important to Juve when they will have a huge midfield force to turn around, not to mention the possibility that they will sell Khedira away from the club after this season.

The Real Madrid versus Liverpool match: One player is expected to win the Battle

Currently, Real Madrid is going to face off against Liverpool during the Champions League Finals on May 26th. This match is going to take place in Kiev, and the team is planning on winning another trophy for the third time in a row. To progress to this match, Real Madrid had to beat Bayern Munich, while on the other hand, Liverpool had to defeat Roma. Both teams have shown that they are eager to face off to win the top club prize.

One reason why this match is so highly anticipated because it will feature a head on duel between two strong and well-regarded forwards: Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and the star of the Liverpool team, Mohamed Salah. One of which will be crowned with the end of an amazing personal season, along with a nice medal.

Real Madrid – Cristiano Rolando

Ukraine will pay homage to the player during his sixth Champions League Final. He has an impressive history filled with winning the prized trophy three times with his current team, Real Madrid and once when he was playing for Manchester United. Before the final, the player gave Madrid a heart attack as he injured his ankle during the draw with Barcelona easier in the month. This cause the 33-year old star to miss two games. One against Sevilla and the other against Celta Vigo. Due to training though, he is ready to take his place back on the front line.

Another fantastic season was enjoyed with Madrid as he was recorded to score 43 goals in total during all of the 42 games that were held in the competition they participated in. His tally record shows scoring 15 goals during a total of 12 Champions League games throughout the duration of the current campaign. The player proudly stated that he was the man needed during the Madrid high-stress quarter-final match with Juventus and managed to let a three-goal lead dingle and then slip, right before being awarded with a late penalty that was quite controversial.

On the other hand, player Lucas Vazquez lost his place in the box and went down a few notches due to a lacklustre performance against Mehdi Benatia, which lead to an array of protests that stemmed from the current Juve keeper, Gianluigi Buffon.

Liverpool – Mohamed Salah

Before the match, Salah has proudly stated that the matchup will be perfect opportunity to demonstrate Liverpool’s power instead of it being a duel of the best between himself and Ronaldo. Though it’s undeniable, his record this season would draw comparisons between himself and the star of Madrid.

The Egyptian international player will stun during the main debut to the Champions League Final appearance. It is unquestionable from fans and expects that he is going to be the main threat against the iconic English team.

During the competitions terms, Salah has scored a total of 44 goals in all 51 of his appearances. This sparked talk amongst expects that he could be in the running against Messi and Rolando to win the prestigious Ballon d’Or award for the season.

Due to the player’s cleverness and skill, he finished the match against Brighton and Hove Albion with 4-0 on the last day. This made him a record goal scored in all of the 38 matches in the Premier League Campaign. Salah is apart of the highest-scoring group of three in the Champions League history. He is accompanied by Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane.


Both players have had an impressive season while playing for their clubs. Though out of both of them, Ronaldo’s experience with playing could give Madrid the upper hand in the upcoming match. Many are believed that Rolando is going to come out on top in this final match and will be the first player in history to win five of the Champions League Finals.

Real Madrid

real madridTo say that any other club comes close to Real Madrid would be a close second. For many years this has been the country’s favorite club. The club was founded in 1902 and went by the name Madrid Football Club. It was not until later on that King Alfonso the 3rd would bestow on it the title Real or Royal in this case if translated to English. The early years if the club. Could be seen as successful since they did manage to snatch a few Copa del Rey trophies between 1905-1908. Later on by the time WW2 would break out they could boast of having gotv2 La Liga titles.

Post war. Santiago Bernebèu took over as the club president in the period after the war. He took up this post after working in several functions for the club over the years since joining its ranks as a junior in 1909. Rebuilding the club after the war was saying difficult task that he had to complete. His first stop was to build a new stadium which was later renamed in his honor. He also signed a number if High Profile international players.

The dream team put together by Santiago would later go on to win four La Liga and one Copa del Rey. This was just a taste as they impressively went on to win the first 5 ever organized European Cups. This dream team is still considered by many to be one of the finest assembly of football players ever. The period after 1960 would see the club go on to. Be glorious in their winning streak as the cleaned out the domestic titles and snagged themselves another European Cup title.

The football club went know to become one of the most successful in the country. With the addition of a new president there was a lot of international transfers made to the club. Not all of these transfers were successful yet they still cost a lot of money. The then president of the club, Florentino Perez set out to create a star studded club rather than balance it out to have all types of players. The expensive acquisition of world famous stars such as David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos then began. These transfers did not translate to winning more silverware but did bear fruit once in a while to the occasional La Liga title or Copa del Rey. Madrid did manage to take a champions league title in 2003.  Debts. Though the star studded transfers would see the club gain more fans and followers it did not come without its down fall. The club is known to suffer from large amounts of debt due to the costly affair of buying new players almost every summer. The debt is so large that it has exceeded £600 million. The city of Madrid helps the club our and paid for their new training ground that cost £ 480 million.