Leicester City Football Club Review

The Leicester City Football Club was founded in 1884, thus making it one of the older F.C. in England. Before being named Leicester City, the club was originally known as Leicester Fosse, which was named after the playing field that the team commonly used. Though in 1919, the team received their name change and was known as they are now since then. The Leicester City F.C. is known for their vibrant blue home colour uniforms as well as their pale blue away colours. Since the founding, the team has paved its way to becoming one of the English clubs who play in the Premier League, which is the top football division in England.

The F.C won a nearly equal amount of titles as well as honourable mentions for participation in events as well as being the runner-ups since being founded nearly 134 years ago. Though, the F.C didn’t always have a perfect record as they faced their fair share of declines during its career. Before and after WW II the team moved between divisions, first being demoted and then prompted once again. Then in the early 21st century, the club witnessed the last significant decline due to the poor management skills of the previous manager. Once Peter Taylor took control, the team managed to climb to the top of the premier league before falling to the bottom when the season was coming to an end. Since new management has taken control, the club has played consistently well.

One of the things that make Leicester City F.C. stand out so much is that they have been given three nicknames through the course of the career. The most notable nickname was “The Foxes”, which was the inspiration of the updated crest which celebrates the club being an official football club for 125 years. Another nickname that the team was given was “The Unbelievables” after the team has won the Premier League for the first time since their induction. The most recent title that the club received was back during the 2015/2016 season where they won the English Champion title under the leadership of Claudio Ranieri, who has since been replaced with a new manager.

Leicester City F.C Coaches

The current manager of the F.C is Claude Puel, who is a retired football player who spent his entire professional football career playing for A Monaco. After retiring, he managed a total of six teams, including Monaco as well as Leicester City. When he was appointed the manager of Leicester City, the team was struggling to keep their name in the Premier League. Though with the skills that Puel has acquired, the team begun to see an increase as the first game played was a win against Everton. Puel is joined by Pascal Plancque who is the assistant manager. Both of their experience combined playing as professional footballers and managing other teams has helped Leicester City revive its name.

The goalkeeping coach title is held by Mike Stowell, who managed to make a name for himself without ever playing professional football. In addition to managing goalkeeping, he worked as an assistant manager to other teams in the past. There are other members of the management team who combined their efforts to create a strong-willed club who has been making a well -needed comeback in the previous years.

Leicester City F.C Stadium

The club has only played at two areas since their founding. The first one being Fosse Field, which is what the team was originally named after. Though, Leicester City now plays at The King Power Stadium, which has been their home ground since 2002. In recent news, the stadium was looking to increase their total seat capacity to 42,000 is the team was able to secure a promotion, which is currently being planned in 2018.

The Leicester City currently plays for the Premier League and was inducted into the league in 1992. Since then the club has won three titles as well as a promotion to first division during the 2013.2014 season. Their first title was won in 1971/1972 where the club won the English SuperCup. Since then, Leicester City has won the English League Cup three times and the English Champion once.

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