Madrid Without Ronaldo

There most certainly was a bit of disaster and chatter following CR7’s decision to transfer to Juventus in the Spanish capital, but then the European Champions made an amazing start to this season. Obviously, there are quite a few jokes making the rounds, especially amongst Real Madrid fans, the most common is that since Cristiano Ronaldo left, its finally time to admit that everyone always knew was the truth and that is that the best player in the world is Lionel Messi.

It signifies just one of several humorous narratives surrounding the departure of Ronald, as with most or all gags, it is coping with what had happened in a waggish way, and there is often not an element of truth in it. First, Cristiano was their main man, it’s a fact that can’t be debated by the Bianco’s and now that he left, they make it another story altogether.

What’s Happening to Real Madrid in the Absence of Cristiano Ronaldo

To find out what is happening and what will follow need a step back to look at what life was like when Ronaldo was part of Real Madrid, and he was in the Spanish capital. A Real Madrid legend, who prefer to remain anonymous said 5 years ago that should Ronaldo left, no one would shed a tear, and this was at a time when the Portuguese were at the peak of his powerful career. In some circles, there has always been a sense that Renaldo was someone thinking he was as powerful as the club, a goal mercenary that troublingly thought at times he was actually bigger than the club, which did not go down well with all.

Team Mates were Told to Praise Ronaldo

Between 2010 up to 2013, when Jose Mourinho was the coach, many of the team-mates were told to praise Ronaldo publicly and almost instructed to pay homage to Cristiano, such importance he had in winning their games. Demands like these that removed all chances of a harmonious dressing room atmosphere. Ronaldo only gained and earned the respect of his fellow team-mates when he dared to face up to Mourinho as well as question his authority. Still, when it comes down to team comments, Ronaldo had a diva-like attitude that was always excused via statements that indicated that it was what he is like and Madrid then made a Faustian agreement to permit this individualistic behaviour in order to benefit from his outstanding performance.

Up to now, fellow players had no choice but to accept his whims and ways even though they never liked Renaldo’s antics and truth be told most never liked him. One thing is as clear as daylight, and that is that Ronaldo was not the most popular in the changing room of Madrid, and apart from it all he still did enjoy a very close friendship with Marcelo. With the rest of the team, his relationship was business-like. Ramos might just state it all perfectly when he said thankfully Madrid are free from covering up and overlooking the egotistical and emotional behaviour of Ronaldo. The European champions are doing great, they’ve turned over a new leaf, and it seems they are not missing the record scorer all that much.