Will Antoine Griezmann move on?

This Wednesday night, the famed French forward, Antoine Griezmann was the star player of Atletico Madrid scored an incredible 3-0 win over the strong-willed team, Marseille, during the final in theEuropa League final game. While the Atletico’s overall precise organization of their plays, along with a strong defense aided the team in this highly anticipated victory, it was thanks to the strong performance and Griezmann’s football knowledge that stole the spotlight and ultimately won this game to add to the belt of Diego Simeone. Shockingly, this is Griezmann’s first trophy award with the Atletico team during his four-year career with the Spanish club.

Over the last few years, Griezmann’s been on the brink of reaching a higher level as a player, almost to the point of being in the Cristiano Ronaldo or the Messi rank. Many experts are thinking that after this win, maybe the French player is finally ready to reach this prized level of football since he has become more consistent with his playing.

Will Antoine Griezmann – Up and Coming Player

The up and rising French player has spent a chunk of his career playing the position of a winger and wide forward. Though, since his recent switch to playing central attacking, Griezmann has pushed and started to be recognized as a consistent and more influential player in the league. In total, the twenty-seven year old player has currently scored an impressive 29 goals during all of the competition for the highly regarded team, Atletico. Which is a considerably great record for a player who is a part of a team that focuses on the precise organization rather than rampant attacking flares and methods. While he scored 22 goals, Griezmann has an impressive record, which has been seen in the Champions League and in La Liga, and even before those the player had 29 scores under his belt. So as his history shows, the player is rising too high profile levels and more people, fans and experts alike, are now mentioning Griezmann name even more.

However, the real question on everybody’s mind is if Griezmann man lasts elsewhere. While his latest performances have attracted some attention for other teams, understandably so. Considerations for a transfer to Barcelona have been since been silenced by the player himself. As of late, the player is keeping silent regarding his future. Though, the Catalan giants are interested in the rising superstar forward, despite rumors of interest coming from Manchester United. Many experts are thinking if Griezmann could move up a level of fame if he chooses to play alongside other superior players who have reached club level. Many have thought Griezmann could move up by playing with the start of Barcelona, Lionel Messi.

It’s no understatement that Griezmann would be an incredible addition to the squad of Ernesto Valverde this coming summer. Plus, considering how the Blaugrana are known for replying far too much on Messi, and having another talented name could ease some of the pressure on Messi.

Griezmann Drawing Positive Attention

The attention Griezmann has been receiving is not only due to his impressive goal record from the last few years. It’s a combination of his preciseness while not being on the ball along with his overall awareness regarding teammates and the space that surrounds him is incredible. Griezmann has been known to always find someone space while other forwards would just hesitate, which just shows his overall football intelligence.

Griezmann will once again be considered one of the key players for the success so the French can have another attempt to win another international trophy during the upcoming summer World Cup. The French director, Didier Deschamps currently has an incredible lineup of skilled players that can be used for his disposal. If Griezmann stays on his toes and keeps up his energetic track of playing with his heart, the team will have even more chances to become world-renowned champions again.

Perfect Day for Liverpool FC

The Liverpool Red promised their return to the highly antiquated Champions league next season due to them scoring fourth place during the final Premier League with an astonishing win. Their final game was filled with high tension and many of the players out their all into every move to ensure that they would claim their spot for the upcoming season.

One player, Mohamed Salah, is being recognised for his astonishing record-breaking 32nd top-flight goal. Salah is being dedicated as being one of the main reasons that the team made it to their current place, along with player Dejan Lovren, who helped double the team’s advantage during the game itself. When the end of the game was approaching, Dominic Solanke combined with Andy Robertson put the final seal of the game as they scored the winning shots.

Perfect Day Equals Happy Coach

The team’s manager, Jürgen Klopp, the manager of the Liverpool FC team, expressed his joy and content with the team’s success with their final league game. He describes it as being a “perfect day” – which many assumed was promoted over Liverpool’s perfect score of 4-0 over Brighton. He described the entire season using two words: exciting and intense. This is accurate seeing how hard the team played through the entirety of the season and took every loss with pride and promises of bettering themselves to make it to their goal. Klopp mentioned the team’s injuries and expressed his feelings regarding the members, saying that he knows when they are healed up, they’re going to be great assets during the Champions League.

However, Klopp did mention that although the team won – they could’ve still scored more points. Nevertheless, he’s happy that the team showed their potential and it landed them a spot in the Champions League. He did mention how he felt confident before the final game ended as soon as the score turned to 3-0. But Klopp is happy he stayed around for the entirety of the game to watch his team win.

Though Klopp added on that even though the team has 13 days to prepare for the Champions League final – he knows that no matter what. The Liverpool Reds are going to be ready. In the meantime, the team is going to practice and have a camp-like session until they are assured they’re ready to play for the final.

Klopp ended his sentiment with stating how this was a fantastic achievement overall from the boys. He’s happy with their overall performance this season and couldn’t ask for it to go any other way. The star players from tonight game expressed their happiness and judging from the photos of the entire team after the game – each member feels the same way. This is one of Liverpool FC most successful season and if they continue on their current track – the team is sure to have even more success during the Champion League.

Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-GermainDespite having lost the Ligue 1 title in the previous season, this French Season has been making a lot of bold moves. Currently with the signing off of Neymar for 200 million pounds, and the addition of Kylian Mbappé, this team is clearly gunning for superiority in France once more. Furthermore it’s also clear they are striving to win the Champions League too.

Created in August 1970, this team, though fairly young, has clearly big aspirations for success.

Track Record

It all began in 1970, however Paris Saint-Germain has been pushing to be a major force in France, especially in recent years. Winning a total of 33 trophies thus far certainly helps with driving home that point as well. Because of these victories, they’ve become the French team with the most successful track record in the country’s history.

They also have many other notable achievements. First, they’ve never been relegated from Ligue 1; Secondly, their one of two French clubs to win a major European title; And thirdly, they are the most widely supported teams in the world.

It’s fair to say they deserve these success. Again they’ve won 33 trophies. At home, they’ve won 6 Ligue 1 titles,  four of them back-back, 11 Coupe de France, 7 Coupe de la Ligue, paired off with 7 Trophée des Champions titles. Rounding out their victories is a single title in Ligue 2.

But another thing to note about this team though isn’t their fantastic track record, but actually the rivalry they share with Olympique de Marseille.

The Rivalry

Their rivalry is deeply rooted, to the point that their fans refer to these matches as Le Classique. It’s one of France’s biggest rivalries, and one of the greatest (and most violent) ones in club football history. Major security measures are taken in order to prevent direct confrontations between the fans. Even with that, fights still occur.

But where did this rivalry start? Firstly, these two teams, along with Saint-Étienne, have big history pre-millennium. PSG and I’OM both have major European trophies, and are the most popular clubs in all of France. They’re also the most followed clubs outside of France too.

It makes sense since so many eyes are on these teams within the football community. It shows that the rivalry between these two teams stems beyond the two teams facing off. Because of this major fixation these teams have gotten overwhelming support, but also their dedicated fans see the match as a lot more than an ordinary football match.

It’s literally seen as a battle between between capital and province, north against south. It’s Paris against Marseille, two of the largest cities in France


Because of this intense rivalry between these teams, both teams need to be working hard. Perhaps harder than any other football club in the league. Not only do they have sights on loftier goals, but of course both teams have a burning desire to overcome the other out on the field and achieve glory!

Real Madrid

real madridTo say that any other club comes close to Real Madrid would be a close second. For many years this has been the country’s favorite club. The club was founded in 1902 and went by the name Madrid Football Club. It was not until later on that King Alfonso the 3rd would bestow on it the title Real or Royal in this case if translated to English. The early years if the club. Could be seen as successful since they did manage to snatch a few Copa del Rey trophies between 1905-1908. Later on by the time WW2 would break out they could boast of having gotv2 La Liga titles.

Post war. Santiago Bernebèu took over as the club president in the period after the war. He took up this post after working in several functions for the club over the years since joining its ranks as a junior in 1909. Rebuilding the club after the war was saying difficult task that he had to complete. His first stop was to build a new stadium which was later renamed in his honor. He also signed a number if High Profile international players.

The dream team put together by Santiago would later go on to win four La Liga and one Copa del Rey. This was just a taste as they impressively went on to win the first 5 ever organized European Cups. This dream team is still considered by many to be one of the finest assembly of football players ever. The period after 1960 would see the club go on to. Be glorious in their winning streak as the cleaned out the domestic titles and snagged themselves another European Cup title.

The football club went know to become one of the most successful in the country. With the addition of a new president there was a lot of international transfers made to the club. Not all of these transfers were successful yet they still cost a lot of money. The then president of the club, Florentino Perez set out to create a star studded club rather than balance it out to have all types of players. The expensive acquisition of world famous stars such as David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos then began. These transfers did not translate to winning more silverware but did bear fruit once in a while to the occasional La Liga title or Copa del Rey. Madrid did manage to take a champions league title in 2003.  Debts. Though the star studded transfers would see the club gain more fans and followers it did not come without its down fall. The club is known to suffer from large amounts of debt due to the costly affair of buying new players almost every summer. The debt is so large that it has exceeded £600 million. The city of Madrid helps the club our and paid for their new training ground that cost £ 480 million.

Manchester City

Manchester CityFounded in 1880 in Manchester, England, Manchester City FC has become a power house in today’s football world. With revenue of $646.2 million, Manchester City is still in the development of being a football and economic powerhouse. This was all done thanks in part to the growth in the massive revenue from commercial and broadcast revenue.

But even before then, they had some strong victories too. But this was also paired with some big struggles too.

Their Victories And Struggles

Their first victory began in the victory of the Second Division in 1899. This brought them up to the First Division and soon they received their first major honor in 1904. These victories were short lived however as in 1906, seventeen of their players were suspended due to alleged financial irregularities. Those allegations also included their captain at the time, Billy Meredith.

Furthermore in 1920, a fire broke out and destroyed the main stand, forcing them to relocate to a new stadium by 1923.

But from these tragic events, Manchester City did reach two FA Cup finals consecutively, eventually claiming the victory by 1934. They also broke the record for highest home attendance, with 84,569 fans present. From there they went on to win their first First Division title in 1937.

From that point, City was going through ups and downs, hitting a lot of turmoil in the 1960s and 1970s. They then started to recover around the early 2000’s with close games, but also ones where they crushed their opponents. In 2001-02, City broke their club record in the Division One championship of points gained and the goals scored.

Even though there were many victories after that, it’s clear that Manchester City has one major aspect riding for them: the overwhelming support of their fans.

The Support

Everyone needs support obviously, but Manchester City is an interesting example of overwhelming support. Ever since the team moved to City of Manchester Stadium, their average attendance ranks them in the top six in England. Their average is usually upwards to 40,000 people.

By 2005, research was conducted by Manchester City to figure out their fan base. It was estimated to be 2 million people strong worldwide, with roughly 886,000 of them being in the UK. What certainly helped the team was the creation of recognized supporters clubs too. They created a support club in 1949, however that club merged with the Official Suppers Club and Centenary Supporters Association by 2010.

What also solidifies their fan base is the The City fans’ song of choice. It’s a rendition of “Blue Moon”, a rather melancholic tune, but the fans make it sound like a heroic anthem. There is also their unwavering support in seeing the team’s unpredictability as “typical City” actions. Some examples of these was their rein in English football despite being relegated in 1938, the only team to ever beat Chelsea in 2005-05 Premier League, amongst many others.

Regardless it’s clear that their fans are massive supporters and Manchester City owes a lot to their fans.

Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool Football ClubSince the inception of the club it has been known to correlate with glory and fame internationally. A giant in its own right the club did not depend on one given player to rise to freedom but was a consistent winner in many of the leagues by tactical prowess. Liverpool was founded in the year 1892 and has won many trophies and leagues since then. Most football English clubs were named after the city in which they were founded and Liverpool is no different. The club was however formed in peculiar manner. After Everton moved on to new home grounds in 1892 the president of the club found himself with the rights to an entire football ground but no team to play there. The practical leader took it upon himself to start his own club- Liverpool.

After forming the club it would go on to enter first division after just one season of playing in second division. The club players were a force to reckon with as they went into win several league titles in the years to follow of 1901- 1923. This would see it rise the ranks to one of the most revered clubs in England. Despite the clubs popularity it did not survive we after the post WW2 Era which would see a mediocre performance cause the team to be relegated in the year 1954 back to second division. This would take a turn for better tidings after they hired Shankly as manager.

Shankly Era

Though most football clubs would like to think that their players are the reason for all their success the coach behind the wheel is more suited for that praise. Shankly saw the team rise up from the ashes like a phoenix to be back on top of the table in the English football world. His methods were somewhat unorthodox and did not sit well with most people. He did however deliver results which cannot be said about most people in this situation. His first order of business was to lunch the entire Team A off. Starting from scratch and building a team that would bring success to Liverpool. After they made their way back to first division the team won the division league title in 1964. The team went on to win two more league titles in 1966 and 1973. The most impressive feat was winning their first European cup- the UEFA Champions league in 1973. Shankly retired the next year due to personal issues. He left the club to his assistant to manage.  Paisley the assistant did not fail the team as heed them to victory after winning three league cups and six league titles. They went on to win more UEFA CUPS and 3 European Cups.


In one if the Liverpool matches with Juventus, some unruly fans caused a walk to collapse in the stadium. Since Al the fault was placed on the Liverpool fans English clubs were banned from playing in European matches for 5 years. At least 39 fans died on that fateful day.

Since they could no longer play in the European games they focused on domestic titles but tragedy seemed to follow them. In a game against Nottingham Forest, more than 90 fans died in a crowd rush Less than 6 minutes after the start of the game. This is the worst stadium accident to date in English Football. The game was an FA cup semifinals.

Manchester United

Manchester UnitedManchester United is one of the most prominent clubs in the history of English football. It is also one of the biggest clubs in the country. The team has acquired several accolades over the years. They are the most decorated club in the entire country when it comes to national achievements. They together with Liverpool are some of the most awarded clubs in this century.


The club was formed in the year 1878 in Manchester, England. Back then the team was not known as Manchester United but was renamed in 1902.  The team was not as superb at playing in the English league from the start, in fact 2 years after being formed they were relegated. Their growth was mostly seen after they were taken under the management of Matt Busby in 1945. Busby was a visionary leader who pushed the team both by practicing and proper strategy playing that saw them win the league twice. The first was in 1955-1956 and followed by their win in 1956-1957.

Home ground

Manchester United became the first English club to win the league. They we’re decorated and nicknamed the red devil’s for their tactical prowess on the field. Their home ground was originally North Road. This is where they would play their home games. The soon moved to Bank Street in 1893 but did not stay long there. Their final move to Old Trafford has been quite a permanent one since they reside there to date. The club moved to their new home in the year 1910.

After the reign of Matt Busby and him surviving a team plane crash that saw 8 players pass on, he was replaced by Tommy Docherty. The team went in to produce massive success under his leadership. Tommy was however sacked and replaced by the ever cautious Dave Sexton. Later on the club fired him and hired Ron Atkinson. The Atkinson era was not too shabby but could not compare to the clubs most prominent manger to date, Alex Ferguson!

It is said that the Manchester United player is by far one if the greatest coaches in the history of English football. Under his leadership, Manchester United became the first English club to win a Treble. This means that they won the FA Cup title, the UEFA champions’ league and the Premier League. This is what made Manchester United a force to reckon with. In the field. Alex Ferguson saw the team win at least 25 titles in his reign of twenty years managing the team. 11 of those were league titles. So good was their playing that between 1999 and 2001 they successfully won all three league titles in the year.

Post Alex

In the year 2003 Alex Ferguson permanently departed from his post as Manchester United’s manger. The Ferguson era was now over. He became one of the top board members of the club but no longer actively worked on the field. No manger after that has been able to duplicate the success output that was Alex Ferguson. David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal and Ryan Giggs are some of the coaches who took on the role without much success. In the year 2016/2017 Jose Mourinho was appointed manager in an effort to better the team. He is still on a 3 year contract with the club.


Everton FC

Everton FCEver since it was founded in 1892 the club has seen many ups and downs but never a fall from Grace that left them permanently stumped. In its more than 100 years in football Everton has only dropped from the top for 4 of those years. The club has a very humble beginning as the result of a church Sunday school. After two years as the St. Domingo FC the club’s name was changed to Everton which was a district in Liverpool. Everyone did not waste time in becoming one of the biggest clubs of its era. It was even among the first 12 clubs that formed the European league. It would move on to become the winner if the league’s title in 1891 and then further to win the FA cup in 1893.

This was however a very low moment afterwards with the team only winning one FA cup in the years to follow. This went in until 1915. They were then fortunate enough to win the league title in this year. The team had immense support from its fans and city people. They would soon however return to the football map by acquiring Dixie Dean. This spectacular striker was just the boost that Everton needed back then to make it in the European games.  With their secret weapon in hand everyone win their 3rd league title. They would then soon win the 1932 league and the FA cup in 1933. Dixie had the tactical prowess needed to score goals in the league games that would add points to the team. He also had the speed required to maneuver the attacking team defenders. Dixie was the breath of fresh air that Everton needed to make it to the top.

The post-war period was however not so kind to Everton. They struggled to say the least in an effort to go back to their former glory. The appointment of Catterick as their new manager was soon to be their saving grace. This only further proofs that’s manager could make or break a team. Under his leadership they moved to win the league title in 1963. This was a memorable event but not as great as the one that occurred in 1966. The team went into win quite gloriously in the FA cup final in 1966.

The last if he clubs good years came in 1984 when they won the league title. Soon after they won their first double after that by securing the FA cup and a Winners Cup in the following year. Since then the club has had its ups and downs. The Premier League is kit one of its strong areas but they did manage to stay in the top half of the table over several years.

A small resurgence was felt under the management of David Moyes where they made it to an FA cup final and fourth position in the premier league in 2005.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FCFounded in 1905, the Chelsea Football Club is based out of London England (their home ground being Stamford Bridge). Much like the Arsenals FC, they too compete in the Premier League.

Reporting revenue of $524.3 million, Chelsea FC has had a steady roll during last years seasons, winning the 2016-17 Premier League championship. But there is still a lot of hope for this team, after all they have a good boost in revenue from a sponsorship deal with Carabao, a drink firm.


In 1904, Gus Mears managed to purchase the Stamford Bridge athletics stadium. With the intention to turn the stadium into a football ground, Chelsea FC began its debut there, founded in March 1905.

Since the beginning, the club was promoted to the 1st Division in only their 2nd season. From that point they alternated between Divisions in the early years, going from First to Second Division. By 1915, they got into the FA Cup Finals only to lose out to Sheffield United, despite building a reputation of signing up big name players.

Still success eluded them until Arsenal’s Ted Drake stepped away from the team and became Chelsea FC’s manager in 1952. With an overhaul of the team, the team saw success at last in their first major trophy in 1954-55, the League championship. That success was short lived though as shortly after that their successes stifled. Drake was sacked in 1962 and was then replaced by Tommy Docherty.

From there, Docherty built the team off of Drake’s selection of young and amateur league players. By the 1964-65 season, they were on their way to achieve a treble in the League, the League and FA Cup. They got the League Cup, yet were late to the other two.

From there, the team took a turn for the worse through the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Trouble with finances, losing star players, and even losing the stadium, things were looking bleak. Things started to finally turn around for the team though by 1996 with the appointment of Ruud Gullit. Adding many top international players to the team, the club won the 1997 FA Cup. This gave them the chance to reclaim their title of “one of England’s top sides”.

From this point, the team started to win cup after cup, bringing themselves back up. Over the years, the team had different managers, and with these new managers brought them victories. Gullit was replaced by Gianluca Vialli in 1998. Vialli then brought the team many victories in 1998 and 2000, resulting in the team making an appearance at last in the UEFA Champions League.

There were some stalling points, like when in 2003, Ken Bates (who acquired the team in 1982), sold the team to a Russian billionaire. The billionaire, Roman Abramovich, struggled with getting trophies to the team and was replaced swiftly by José Mourinho, who brought a string of victories.

After years of switching through manager so frequently, it’s clear to see why this team’s success have stalled. Even though they have victories, the shift in leadership can put a hamper on the team. The team is currently being guided under Antonio Conte, who brought Chelsea a sixth English title.

Chelsea Football Club Review

The Chelsea Football Club has a long history that dates back to 1877. There are not many sports franchises in the world that can claim such a storied history. While others in the United Kingdom have been staples for over one hundred years, Chelsea is one that continues to see its fan base loyal and dispersed.

The club has won multiple titles over the years and when the Premier League was formed 26 years ago, chose to break with tradition and join the league, created to help teams become more financially stable due to television royalties and marketing deals.

The club itself was formed in 1905 and in short, the order became known for acquiring the big names in the sport of soccer. However, the club spent the first 50 years chasing a major title, and it wasn’t until 1955 that the first of many titles to follow was realised. The team began in the first division and remained so for nearly 40 years where they were semi-finalists five times before finally winning the FA Cup in 55 as a result of Coach Ted Drake leading the team to victory.

The clubs latest victory came in 2016/2017 when they won the Premier League, Cup. Previously, the won in 2004/2005, 2005/2006 and 2009/2010. As history has shown, the clubs slow beginnings has risen to great success and Chelsea is now considered a top competing team in the Premier League.

Chelsea F.C Coaches

Head coach Antonio Conte manages the coaching staff at Chelsea. Conte is the fifth coach from Italy to manage the club. Previously he managed the Italian National team, and Angelo Alessio holds Juventus F.C. The First assistant coach position; he is joined by Antonio Conte’s younger brother Gianluca Conte.

Gianluca Spinelli is in charge of managing the goalkeepers. Spinelli previously coached the Italian squad for twelve years before moving to Chelsea. The club also employs several fitness coaches including Paolo Bertelli, Julio Tous and Chris Jones. They are assisted by Constantino Coratti who carries out the responsibilities as an assistant fitness coach.

In addition to the head coach, assistant coach and fitness coaches, Chelsea employs an assistant goalkeeper coach (Henrique Hilario). Additionally, there is management staff in place to assist the coaches in player development, fitness, player analysis, nutrition, and medical care.

Chelsea F.C Stadium

Chelsea F.C plays at the Stamford Bridge stadium. Built in 1877, it is long steeped in the tradition of football in the United Kingdom. It has undergone multiple renovations in the 70’s and 80’s and cost overruns nearly saw the stadium lost before being saved by new ownership. Its most recent renovation took place in the 90’s and it now seats 41,631.

Leagues Chelsea F.C Plays In

The Chelsea Football club plays in the Premier League and to date, it has won a total of six titles. These include winning the FA Cup seven times, the League Cup Championships five times, the FA Community Shields, four times, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups twice, the UEFA Champions League once and the UEFA Super Cup once.
For information about the Chelsea F.C season schedule, click on the link. (http://www.chelseafc.com/matches/fixtures—results.html)