Everton Football Club Review

The Everton Football Club has a history that stems back for decades. The club was originally founded in 1878 and was formally known as the St. Domingo Football Club. The age of this club is noteworthy as there is only one other F.C that surpasses Everton’s age. While Everton may be one of the older F.C, the fanbase during the life of the club has shown their unwavering dedication and support – no matter the year.

The club has won several titles during its lifetime, many of them stemming back to 86’ and onwards. Though what truly makes this league stand out is that they are the founders of the Football League, which was formed in 1888, and then impressed even more as they managed to win their first league championship two seasons after the formation. This win was combined with the addition of two FA cup wins. However, their steady stream of success slowed down due to World War II. For a few years, the F.C suffered and eventually stopped playing until the mid-1960’s. The club was prominent during the 1980’s where they seem to be consistently winning, and the addition of another FA Cup win, as well as a League Championship, helped Everton gain a hefty following.

Other than having constant wins that seemed to overshine the loses, Everton was able to recruit some of the top football players that have made the news quite a few times, in recent years and in the past. As of now, the current team seems to be dedicated to the sport and ensuring that Everton keeps its high-status name. As in any sport though, the coaching is just as important as the team players and won their most recent FA Cup trophy in 1995 due to the impressive work of Joe Royle.

While the club may not have one any major trophies in the last decade, they still have racked up a notable size of receiving high honours as well as runner-up titles which both have been respectfully earned. Some of the most recent being the FA Cup Rubber Up award during the 2008-2009 season. Before that, the club has won two participation awards for both the UEFA Cup and the Champions League.

Everton F.C Coaches

Marco Silva is the current head coach of Everton. Silva is a Portuguese based football player who played for a variety of clubs in his origin country before retiring and going to coaching the sport he once played for. Before managing Everton, Silva oversaw five other clubs, such as Estoril and Watford to name a few. He is joined by João Pedro, who has taken the position of being the assistant manager.

The coaching staff is faster than the manager and assistant manager. The head of goalkeeping management is Hugo Oliveira, who has worked with three other teams in the past: Hull City, Watford, and Benfica – two of which were managed by Silva. In addition, there are several other coaches in the team that oversees specific areas to ensure that all the player’s needs are met fully.

Everton F.C Stadium

When the club was first formed, they played at Stanley Park where their first official match took place. Their stadium was gifted to them amid a generous donation by J. Cruitt. Although, the team now calls Goodison Park their home. It is in Walton, Liverpool and has been Everton’s stadium since 1892. The stadium can hold a hefty crowd of people – 39,572 – which has been filled out during one of the highly anticipated home games. The team trains in a different area, however. Since 2007, Everton has used Finch Farm as the clubs official training arena.

To date, Everton officially plays for the Premier League and has only won two titles since its membership begun. In addition, the team has also won the FA Cup a total of five times. Additionally, the team has won the English Champion nine times, the 1X Cup one time, and the 9x English SuperCup a total of none times. Along with this, the team has their fair share of honourable mentions as well.

Arsenal FC

When it comes to the best of English football Arsenal located in Islington instantly comes to mind. Nicknamed “The Gunners”, the club has won a record of 13 FA Cups including a League Centenary Trophy, thirteen League titles, two League Cups and fifteen FA Community Shields. Arsenal is the club every footballer’s dream of playing for and for Lucas Torreira that dream came true during his incredible journey. For this talented young player things happened quickly, his childhood dream came true at a very young age and now that the chance is his he is making the best of it.

Arsenal History

Arsenal was one of the first from England’s south who joined the Football League. After joining in 1893, Arsenal enjoyed huge success and by 1904 reached the first division. What makes Arsenal stand out is that they won the 2nd most topflight matches in the history of English football. This raging success started in the 1930s when Arsenal won 2 FA Cups, 5 Championships, and after the war another two Championships. In the season 1970 to 1971 Arsenal won the FA Cup Double, and between 1989 up to 2005 continued their success streak by claiming 5 League titles, 2 more doubles and another 5 FA Cups. The Gunners had the highest team average in the league position by the end of the 20th century.

Herbert Chapman won arsenal’s first national trophy, he introduced shirt numbers, floodlights and WM formation as well as added a brighter red and white sleeve to the club’s kit. The Arsenal manager serving the longest was Arsene Wenger who won a record of 7 FA Cups and set a record for the longest first-class unbeaten run of 49 games, receiving a trophy in the Gold Premier League and the nickname the Invincible.

In 1913 the club moved to the Arsenal Stadium which made it neighbours to the Tottenham Hotspurs and by 2006 it moved closer to the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal became the 6th highest earning club in the world by 2017 and had the 5th largest fanbase by 2018. The club is worth $2.24 billion and according to Forbes the 3rd most valuable club in England.

Arsenal just announced that Matteo Guendouzi, will be joining their team and they under 20-midfielder shared that since childhood his only dream was to join the football club closest to his heart, that dream came true only hours ago. Other newcomers recently added includes defender Calum Chambers, Lucas Torreira and Papastathopoulus while goalkeeper Leno is yet another professional player soon to make his dream of playing for Arsenal come true. Arsenal has the funds to attract the best in the world and there is no doubt that this club will continue to impress fans around the globe.

Brazil Loses its Rank of Being the Best Soccer Nation

During Brazil’s most recent match, the team lost hope as they made their way out of the World Cup despite putting their all into their final game. One of the highlight names of the team Neymar showed that he has been putting work in to improve his standing, but even after a series of lacklustre dives and steals, even he couldn’t save the team from being dropped from the competition.

The team put their all into their pursuit of saving their title at the World Cup this year. While they started off strong, the team did not seem to be able to pull through when they needed to the most. Many fans who were at the stadium and watching from home – which to be honest was probably in the thousands as soccer is basically a religion in the country – expressed their sadness due to the outcome of the match.

Despite the copious amount o prayers that fans sent and the hard work the team has put in, Brazil went home against their match with Belgium. Although, the reasoning for this is not because Belgium is filled with super players who are impossible to defeat. If anything, it was because Brazil wasn’t good enough and didn’t play as the needed to secure their spot during the tournament. However, anyone who read the final score of Brazil 1, Belgium 2, would probably do a double take.

Belgium should receive the attention it has though for a handful of reasons though. Compared to Brazil, Belgium has better organization, skills, strategies, dedication, passion, unity, and by the way, the results if the match went, better players who became fierce competition from Brazil.

One of the other hand, Brazil uses its name at its standing. While the team has a legacy which is rightfully deserved, it seems that as of late that’s the only thing the players are riding on. While every soccer fan knows of Brazil’s soccer history, that still isn’t enough for the team to secure a win and a place during the World Cup if their players and management are not up to par. It’s almost an undeniable fact that Brazil has lost some of the twinkles in its eye for one reason or another, which has been seen as the team barely making it to the semi-finals before being destroyed by German in an embarrassing match.

Although, many fans are placing the blame on Neymar, who is also known as being one of the leading faces in the news whenever Brazil is being spoken about. His antics and cockiness that he displayed earlier in the tournament did not cast a favourable option upon Brazil. If anything, it caused many fans to begin rooting for other teams, or other individual players for Brazil instead of the entire team.

Despite the savage loss of winning the World Cup title, Neymar did not show a bit of emotion once the game concluded. The same cannot be said for his teammates who were visually upset by the results. Maybe next season Brazil can get on their A-game instead of relying on their name and history as the driving for of their reputation.

AC Milan Is Barred from Playing for a Season

This news comes as a shock as the Italian Giants has had a relatively successful season this year. Although, they have been banned from participating in the next season as allegations regarding Financial Fair Play regulations being breached by the team. The news is followed after the announcement that AC Milan has qualified to participate in the Europa League after their impressive finish from Serie A.

The UEFA has made an official claim which states that the league, who after spending nearly £200m on player transfers during the previous summer, has breached the rules that require the club to break even. Despite the claims and the punishment, the league has stated that they are making plans to appeal this claim to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to hopefully be allowed to play in the upcoming season as they originally had planned. According to a twitter update by the official club – has alluded that the running by UEFA was not completely fair nor based on all of the facts.

Another official statement from AC Milan stated that they are ready to be redeemed from the previous errors that they made by paying the consequences, although, despite having respect for the rules and regulations, the team still expects that they should be treated with the same level of equality. On Wednesday, the club did release their legal team to review the case, appeal it, and ask for a prompt response from the court.

What Were the Sanctions that AC Milan had?

AC Milan has a unique history as the club was initially owned by Silvio Berlusconi, an Italian Prime Minister until 1986 where it was then sold to a Chinese association for a whopping 740 million euros in the summer of 2017. Since then, the club was recorded going on an unusual spending spree to bring in the best players the club though was needed to ensure success. Starting off with Leonardo Bonucci along with Andre Silva – thus creating history as it was the first time in 16 years that the club willing broke the £30m cap for transferring players.

The issue began to arise as the UEFA stated that there were still remaining uncertainties that has been investigating the finances of the club. The origin of these doubts was formed from the suspicions of not being able to refinance a loan that is expected to be paid back in October of 2018. Which causes concern as the financial fair play rules were created to avoid any of the clubs from creating an unpayable debt which can be punished if the team if proven that they are spending more than they are bringing in.
AC Milan Reaction

The figureheads of the club have stated the spending was done in order to create a new and renovated squad that will improve their chances. Although, the investment to bring in younger players does come as the cost as the first team’s salaries before the transfers were rated to be around less than 60%. Milan has also mentioned that the investments are going towards more than just finding younger players. Instead, some of the investments have gone towards the training groups as it is planned to host a women’s team in the upcoming season. The club finished by stating that these invests are necessary as they will improve Milan’s impact in the football world.

England’s Win Over Tunisia Watched by 18.3 Million on BBC

The world cup win enjoyed by England over Tunisia was so far watched by the highest number of viewers in 2018, as it was confirmed that the television audience on BBC One reached 18.3 million. On Monday the game in Volgograd enjoyed a 69.2% audience share which beat the Royal Wedding during its peak. BBC Sports and the BBC iPlayer website had a record number of requests to stream the game, which reached over three million. This high volume of streaming requests made it the highest-ever live audience on any online BBC program. With two goals from caption Harry Kane, it was England who won the game 2-1.

England vs Panama in World Cup 2018 This Sunday

This Sunday it is England vs Panama at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium and kicks off time is 1 pm BST. The match can be watched on ITV and BBC sharing the rights to the world cup, while fans can also follow the action with Telegraph Sport. In the latest team news, judging by a note spotted at the training session, it seems that Southgate is strongly considering dropping Raheem Sterling in the match against Panama.

After a day of recovery, the team returned for a full training session on Thursday morning. Steve Holland, the assistant manager, carried a note on the first training day that disclosed that the team was arranging to play against Panama in a 3-5-2 formation, with Ruben Loftus-Cheek in midfield. What was most surprising is the fact that the note had Marcus Rashford in attacking rather than Sterling.

Will Panama’s Gomez Work His Magic on Sunday?

Gomez is known for guiding the Colombia team to the world cup in 1998, Ecuador to the 2002 tournament and there is little doubt that he will be working his magic on Sunday. Panama has reported no injuries, in a country known for boxing champions and baseball players, the world is waiting to see what could happen in its first trip to the world cup.

Gomez says his only hope is that the team will be a dignified rival, his wish is for fans to enjoy the game instead of criticising it or destroying the dream achieved by Panama. He is confident that the team knows what they are up against on Sunday.

Pre-match Predictions for England vs Panama

When the fans were asked to make a prediction for the upcoming game on Sunday the score prediction, in general, came to Panama 0 England 4. Could it be that Panama has a magic trick up their sleeve? Panama limited the damage in its friendly match against Demark to 1-0 in March and have experimented with at least five defenders.
Gomez says they know what they are up against and England have struggled before to break down a good defensive team. But once they get that first goal in you can expect the floodgates to open.

Thierry Henry and Zinedine Zidane Leads France to Victory

Champs-Elysees was the place where one million people headed, late afternoon on the 12th of July. The world-famous venue in Paris became crowded with cheering fans, tricoloured flags and above all the sound of car horns could be stood out. The Arc de Triomphe decorated by a Zinedine Zidane image as the throngs partied. Zidane’s status sealed as the cultural icon as the crowd roared in anticipation.

Only hours earlier France became world champions with a 3-0 win over Brazil. It was 20 years after France claimed its first World Cup triumph and on Tuesday night the victorious 1998 squad reunited. Only a one-goal score was to be enjoyed by Zidane, who scored twice in the final at Stade de France. The hosts targeted Vincent Candela and Thierry Hendry as Gaizka Mendieta, and Fernando Morientes netted for the visitors. While Didier Deschamps, was in the absence (excused) most of the French squad attended. Ibrahim Ba and Sabri Lamouchi took the places of David Trezeguet and the former Juventus striker who already in Russia for the start of the summer tournament.

Aime Jacquet, the France boss got the event started with same eleven players that got them victory twenty years ago in Marseille with a 3-0 victory over South Africa. The back five consisting of Marcel Desailly, Bixente Lizarazu, Lilian Thuram, Laurent Blanc, and Fabien Barthez reunited once more. Bolt hot-footed from the U Arena Stadium after he played at Old Trafford just outside of Paris on Sunday night. Within 8 minutes Morientes found the back of the net, although France equalised by the 22nd minute as Henry curled home after he exchanged passes with Zidane. Candelas was the man the that held the victory of the French in his hands to only seven minutes later.

Zinedine Zidane Stunn Football World by Quitting Real Madrid Management

For fans across the globe the departure of Zidane from Real Madrid is a real shock, he was not only a successful player for the team but managed the B club since 2016. Apart from his remarkable achievements during the Champions League he also led Rael Madrid to the 2017 La Liga title.

The 45-year-old Zidane is still considering his next move and attended the French Open watching the Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal in the French Final. While Zidane spends the day in the company of his wife and two sons, Enzo and Luca, others in attendance included Youri Djorkaeff.

Manchester United Sign Best Young Full-Back in Europe

Manager Jose Mourinho announced earlier this week that Manchester United has signed a five-year contract with the best full-back in Europe. This season, Diogo Dalot played against Liverpool in the Champions League. He also played for Portugal previously in it’s under 15 to under 21 level, and in October he made his Porto debut.

Diogo Dalot said he simply could not turn down the opportunity of playing for the biggest club in the world. The Red Devils paid Porto £19 million for Dalot who came through the youth ranks and played in the 0 -0 draw, in March. Now, expectations are that he could offer competition to Antonio Valencia the captain of United.

Dalot Has All Attributes to Become A Great Player

Mourinho says Dalot is the best full-back in his age group in Europe, about to become a great player since he is an extremely talented defender. He feels Dalot has all the attributes a full-back requires including technical quality and tactical intelligence. He also has a Porto academy mentality which means his preparation on a maturity level need by professional players.

Mourinho is determined to do what it takes to get closer to a Premier League battle next term with champions Manchester City, and therefore he needs to strengthen his defence. The transfer hastens the exits of Daley Blind, the Netherlands defender as well as Matteo Darmain since neither had a long-term future under the watch of Mourinho.

United Pays €47 Million for Fred, Brazil’s Midfielder

On Tuesday, United announced another agreed deal worth £47 million for Brazil’s midfielder Fred. The midfielder, 25- years of age, moved to Europe in 2013 and Shakhtar won three league titles with his help.

Willian, Chelsea winger believed that Fred will be hugely successful in England since he played for Shakhtar from 2007 to 2013. That is expected to pay dividends for the team once he joins the squad and begins to help Manchester United win games.

There’s been a bit of controversy in Fred’s career, at the end of 2015, banned for a year due to positive testing to diuretics, which backdated to tests carried out in June. Luckily for Fred, the suspension applied only to games sanctioned by the football federation Conmebol in South America.

Tim Vickey, a South American football expert, feels that Fred could be a mini version of Fernandino, the midfielder for Manchester City. Everyone agrees that Manchester United is getting two of the most exceptional players for their money and fans are excited to see the team in action after these player additions.

Ashley Young Insists England Going to Russia World Cup To Win

Ashley Young, one of the squad members of England’s World Cup team, is insistent that the last thing England will do is restrain the ambition they have towards attempting to win the World Cup slated in Russia this summer.

The squad is twenty-three men strong and is experienced in what it takes to win a match in a tournament. As for Young, he is looking forward to playing his World Cup, as are other members of the team.

Young’s comments come after Kyle Walker said it would be a miracle if England were to win this year’s World Cup, but for Ashley Young, a positive approach to camp is what is needed as the head to St George’s Park to play a friendly game against Nigeria at Wembley.

Commenting at a news conference, Young said,

“To be honest, I don’t think you go into a tournament not trying to win it and that’s exactly what we will be doing.”

After hearing Young’s comments, Manchester’s Walker said,

“At times you need luck, sometimes you create your own luck. But you don’t go into a tournament thinking ‘right, we’re going to get only this far.’ You go into a tournament wanting to win it and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.”

A Young Squad with Few Seasoned Veterans

The 23 man roster for England’s World Cup squad is new to this level of competition and only one, Gary Cahill, has been to a World Cup match. Cahill was on the squad that participated in the World Cup in Brazil. England failed to move beyond the group stage after they lost to Uruguay, Costa Rica and Italy.

Young, who is the team captain for Chelsea is set on having a better performance this year and believes much relates to the mental mindset of each player. Young in a recent interview stated,

“My advice would be to go and play their football and relax in the environment as much as you possibly can, to get the best out of yourself, said Cahill. It’s a very intense environment, but it’s something you should embrace.

He further added that many on the team have years ahead of them in soccer but that you not take that mindset instead play like it is your last day at the races. For Cahill, he just wants to enjoy the tournament to the fullest adding,

“Enjoy means go as far we possibly can. Enjoy means by winning games. That’s the only way you enjoy it.”

At the age of 32, Young’s days ahead, at least for future World Cups is fading fast. This is expected to be his last World Cup appearance and had hoped he would earn a spot on the squad heading to Russia to represent England.

“I just had to get out there and play football and play as well as I could and hopefully the England manager would come and call me up again,” he said. “Now he’s done that and I’m going to a World Cup and the excitement for me is massive.

There are concerns that possible racism incidents may overshadow the World Cup in Russia as there are substantial reports of racism in Russian football. Earlier in May, the FIFA fined the Russian Football Union 30,000 Swiss Francs as a result of racist chants from fans during a match in St Petersburg. For Ashley Young, he simply hopes FIFA will be able to deal with it should anything come up.

The Real Madrid versus Liverpool match: One player is expected to win the Battle

Currently, Real Madrid is going to face off against Liverpool during the Champions League Finals on May 26th. This match is going to take place in Kiev, and the team is planning on winning another trophy for the third time in a row. To progress to this match, Real Madrid had to beat Bayern Munich, while on the other hand, Liverpool had to defeat Roma. Both teams have shown that they are eager to face off to win the top club prize.

One reason why this match is so highly anticipated because it will feature a head on duel between two strong and well-regarded forwards: Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and the star of the Liverpool team, Mohamed Salah. One of which will be crowned with the end of an amazing personal season, along with a nice medal.

Real Madrid – Cristiano Rolando

Ukraine will pay homage to the player during his sixth Champions League Final. He has an impressive history filled with winning the prized trophy three times with his current team, Real Madrid and once when he was playing for Manchester United. Before the final, the player gave Madrid a heart attack as he injured his ankle during the draw with Barcelona easier in the month. This cause the 33-year old star to miss two games. One against Sevilla and the other against Celta Vigo. Due to training though, he is ready to take his place back on the front line.

Another fantastic season was enjoyed with Madrid as he was recorded to score 43 goals in total during all of the 42 games that were held in the competition they participated in. His tally record shows scoring 15 goals during a total of 12 Champions League games throughout the duration of the current campaign. The player proudly stated that he was the man needed during the Madrid high-stress quarter-final match with Juventus and managed to let a three-goal lead dingle and then slip, right before being awarded with a late penalty that was quite controversial.

On the other hand, player Lucas Vazquez lost his place in the box and went down a few notches due to a lacklustre performance against Mehdi Benatia, which lead to an array of protests that stemmed from the current Juve keeper, Gianluigi Buffon.

Liverpool – Mohamed Salah

Before the match, Salah has proudly stated that the matchup will be perfect opportunity to demonstrate Liverpool’s power instead of it being a duel of the best between himself and Ronaldo. Though it’s undeniable, his record this season would draw comparisons between himself and the star of Madrid.

The Egyptian international player will stun during the main debut to the Champions League Final appearance. It is unquestionable from fans and expects that he is going to be the main threat against the iconic English team.

During the competitions terms, Salah has scored a total of 44 goals in all 51 of his appearances. This sparked talk amongst expects that he could be in the running against Messi and Rolando to win the prestigious Ballon d’Or award for the season.

Due to the player’s cleverness and skill, he finished the match against Brighton and Hove Albion with 4-0 on the last day. This made him a record goal scored in all of the 38 matches in the Premier League Campaign. Salah is apart of the highest-scoring group of three in the Champions League history. He is accompanied by Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane.


Both players have had an impressive season while playing for their clubs. Though out of both of them, Ronaldo’s experience with playing could give Madrid the upper hand in the upcoming match. Many are believed that Rolando is going to come out on top in this final match and will be the first player in history to win five of the Champions League Finals.

Will Antoine Griezmann move on?

This Wednesday night, the famed French forward, Antoine Griezmann was the star player of Atletico Madrid scored an incredible 3-0 win over the strong-willed team, Marseille, during the final in theEuropa League final game. While the Atletico’s overall precise organization of their plays, along with a strong defense aided the team in this highly anticipated victory, it was thanks to the strong performance and Griezmann’s football knowledge that stole the spotlight and ultimately won this game to add to the belt of Diego Simeone. Shockingly, this is Griezmann’s first trophy award with the Atletico team during his four-year career with the Spanish club.

Over the last few years, Griezmann’s been on the brink of reaching a higher level as a player, almost to the point of being in the Cristiano Ronaldo or the Messi rank. Many experts are thinking that after this win, maybe the French player is finally ready to reach this prized level of football since he has become more consistent with his playing.

Will Antoine Griezmann – Up and Coming Player

The up and rising French player has spent a chunk of his career playing the position of a winger and wide forward. Though, since his recent switch to playing central attacking, Griezmann has pushed and started to be recognized as a consistent and more influential player in the league. In total, the twenty-seven year old player has currently scored an impressive 29 goals during all of the competition for the highly regarded team, Atletico. Which is a considerably great record for a player who is a part of a team that focuses on the precise organization rather than rampant attacking flares and methods. While he scored 22 goals, Griezmann has an impressive record, which has been seen in the Champions League and in La Liga, and even before those the player had 29 scores under his belt. So as his history shows, the player is rising too high profile levels and more people, fans and experts alike, are now mentioning Griezmann name even more.

However, the real question on everybody’s mind is if Griezmann man lasts elsewhere. While his latest performances have attracted some attention for other teams, understandably so. Considerations for a transfer to Barcelona have been since been silenced by the player himself. As of late, the player is keeping silent regarding his future. Though, the Catalan giants are interested in the rising superstar forward, despite rumors of interest coming from Manchester United. Many experts are thinking if Griezmann could move up a level of fame if he chooses to play alongside other superior players who have reached club level. Many have thought Griezmann could move up by playing with the start of Barcelona, Lionel Messi.

It’s no understatement that Griezmann would be an incredible addition to the squad of Ernesto Valverde this coming summer. Plus, considering how the Blaugrana are known for replying far too much on Messi, and having another talented name could ease some of the pressure on Messi.

Griezmann Drawing Positive Attention

The attention Griezmann has been receiving is not only due to his impressive goal record from the last few years. It’s a combination of his preciseness while not being on the ball along with his overall awareness regarding teammates and the space that surrounds him is incredible. Griezmann has been known to always find someone space while other forwards would just hesitate, which just shows his overall football intelligence.

Griezmann will once again be considered one of the key players for the success so the French can have another attempt to win another international trophy during the upcoming summer World Cup. The French director, Didier Deschamps currently has an incredible lineup of skilled players that can be used for his disposal. If Griezmann stays on his toes and keeps up his energetic track of playing with his heart, the team will have even more chances to become world-renowned champions again.