Dobrovolski Igor Ivanovich: The Only Player in the Soviet Union Champions League

Dobrovolski Igor Ivanovich came to football very early. He was educated at TAFIOLOL (CH Moldovan), a school of football talents in his teens.

An agile player, technically, good in both midfield and striker positions. At the age of 17 (1984), Dobrovolski was played in the main squad of Zimbru (one of the famous clubs, for many years Moldovan champions). After a season here, his reputation has spread throughout the Soviet Union. Strong clubs such as Spartak Moscow, Dinamo Kiev … have all the way to get him. But Dobrovolski decided to join Dinamo Moscow (1986-1990). With good cleft and good shooting skills, Dobrovolski was given the responsibility of leading the team’s play. Even in his first season, he helped Dinamo Moscow to win the Soviet Union Silver Cup (the last time the club won the Silver Cup in 1970). He was also the most outstanding player in Soviet football ever and was awarded the Soviet Union Player of the Year (23 years).
In 1990, Dobrovolski moved to Deportivo (Spain) to confirm himself and look for other big names. Dobrovolski is very strict with himself and often follows the hunch. A year later he left Deportivo to join Servette (Switzerland, 91/92) and then to Genoa (Italy, 1992). In the fall of 1992, Dobrovolski pulled off his shirt with the call of Olympic Marseille, one of the most celebrated French and European clubs of his time, with the hunch that he would win a Champions League title. . And fate smiled at him! Dobrovolski won the double: Champions League and French league 92/93 season.
In the autumn of 93/94, Dobrovolski returned to Dinamo Moscow and one year later came to Spain for Atletico Madrid (94/95) and Fortuna Dusseldorf (Germany, 1996-1999).
Dobrovolski was one of the few young players to get the lead in the Soviet Union. At the age of 19 (1986), he made his first appearance for the England national team. During the 12 years (1986-1998) devoted to the Soviet team and the Russian team, Dobrovolski had 18 goals in 60 appearances. In the victory of the Soviet Union in the 1988 Olympic Games against Brazil, Dobrovolski’s first goal was to score 2-1.
4 times Dobrovolski was listed in the list of 33 best players in Soviet and Russian football history.