Neymar Promised to Join Beckham’s Inter Miami

Inter Miami, David Beckham’s new team, will welcome the Brazilian superstar, but not next season.

David Beckham recently recruited Lewis Morgan from Celtic and two young Argentine stars Matias Pellegrini and Julian Carranza to prepare for the upcoming MLS season. With his reputation, does not exclude the possibility that Beckham will attract more stars of world football to the US to play. In the short term, the former England midfielder has a “contract” with Neymar.

In a recent talk with the legendary Manchester United on YouTube OTRO, Neymar acknowledged his desire to move to Inter Miami for the future. Neymar considers Beckham the perfect role model for me to imitate the smallest details. He even wears a lot of hairstyles just like Beckham. According to Neymar, Beckham is the most stylish player in the world.

Beckham told the Brazilian superstar that football in the United States is growing very fast at the present time. And it will be a great opportunity to attract many good players to come here to play football. Now Beckham will persuade Neymar to sign the paper. It will be a 10-year symbolic contract with Miami. But Beckham will not be able to pay him too much. Without spending too much time thinking, Neymar agreed to the offer from his idol and then the two happily shook hands.

Later, Neymar also admitted he was the one who had once invited to play football for Beckham’s club. He wanted that and shared it with his idol. Neymar wants the opportunity to come here to play for a few more years. In the recent transfer window, the price, as well as the skyrocketing salary of Neymar, has made many big men flinch. Although he once spoke about leaving, but until now, the 28-year-old is still playing for the French team. Recently, the director of Barcelona, Eric Abidal, said that the Neymar transfer with PSG was not feasible.