Mbappe – The Most Valuable Players in the World

According to the latest research, striker Kylian Mbappe is the world’s most valuable player with £ 190 million. Notably, Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t even make it into the top 10.
CIES analyst has announced the list of the most valuable stars in the world today. The value of these players is based on performance in performances, age, contract duration and many other factors.
After shining with the French team in World Cup this summer, striker Kylian Mbappe overcame Tottenham star Harry Kane to become the world’s most expensive player.

Specifically, the value of Mbappe was dropped to around 189.3 million pounds. Meanwhile, the World Cup winner, Harry Kane, cost about £ 172.5 million.
This price is enough for the English striker to top Neymar, who is worth £ 172.2 million. But in fact, the Brazilian star is still the most expensive player in the world after joining PSG in 2016 for £ 198 million.
Notably, in the top 10 list of CIES there is no name of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese turned 34 and was valued at no more than the £ 100 million Juventus spent on buying him last summer.
Meanwhile, Lionel Messi, 31, is still on the list but has dropped to sixth place with an estimated value of £ 149.2 million.
Liverpool star Mohamed Salah came in fourth place with a value of £ 151.2 million. The last player in the top 5 is Philippe Coutinho with a value of £ 149.8 million – just a little higher than Messi.
City’s Raheem Sterling is worth no less than Messi. The English player is valued at £ 143.9 million.
Romelu Lukaku should feel lucky to remain on this list despite his poor form at Man United last time. The Belgian has not scored for Man United since September but still costs £ 143.7 million.
The Tottenham player, Dele Alli, is the only midfielder to be in the top 10. His value falls to £ 142.9 million. The reason Alli had such a high price was because his contract had a deadline until 2024.
Antoine Griezmann is the last name in the top 10 with a value of £ 137.9 million. He and Mbappe are important factors that brought France to the 2018 World Cup championship.

Coach And The Tottenham Players Praised Messi

Coach Mauricio Pochettino and his pupils are bowed, the talent of Lionel Messi after Tottenham 2-4 defeat to Barca in the Champions League group stage.
With Barcelona’s excellent performance at Lionel Messi, Ivan Rakitic and Philippe Coutinho beat the hosts 4-2. With this result, Barca take the lead in Group B with 6 points after two rounds. Next is Inter Milan (6 points but low), Tottenham and PSV (0 points).

Speaking about the match this morning, coach Mauricio Pochettino of Tottenham said: “This is a very difficult game. When you get the goal right after 2 minutes, you will have to change the calculation. The early defeat was the biggest reason we had to lose. Apparently between Tottenham and Barca there is still a gap. ”

“I have to send greetings to them. Barca played better and deserved to win. Anyway, I still feel proud of my students, they have been playing to the last moments. Tottenham will have to make more efforts in the next match.

“Messi is a great player. Messi makes a difference, he is the kind of player that any team is desperate to get. ”

Meanwhile, right-back Kieran Trippier praised Messi for his impressive performance at Wembley with a brace: “Messi is excellent, with Messi having the ball, it’s hard to get the ball off his feet. So fast and clever, we were really powerless to prevent him from scoring, but the fact is that Barca played better and they deserved to win. ”
In addition, Trippier also shared the mistake of goalkeeper Lloris out of the goal to stop Alba. Then, the Spanish defender paid back for Coutinho ice to hit the empty net right at 2 minutes: “As a goalkeeper, you have to make decisions quickly. Sometimes the decision can be right or wrong, it is important that you make the courage to make your own choices. I think Lloris is not wrong when it comes to ice, but obviously Barca took advantage of the opportunity too well.”

Barça boss Ernesto Valverde said: “After some bad results, the most important thing is that we are back in the game.” The team’s reaction was impressive. It was a tough game and Tottenham were not comfortable. We had some problems but everything was fine to settle down “.