Tottenham’s Targets Were Unaffordable During Summer Window

Mauricio Pochettino recently admitted that he hoped to improve on his squad during the summer, but stated that Tottenham’s top targets were unfortunately unaffordable and it would have been pointless to sign players that they didn’t really need.

Daniel Levy, the chairman, stated Tottenham’s lack of transfer activity does not relate to the rising cost of the brand-new stadium, and Mauricio Pochettino confirms that there was indeed money to be spent, but certainly not enough to bring players in that would have a significant impact.

Mauricio Pochettino commented stating, “You fully understand the market and know that you’re going to compete with various football clubs. Perhaps you have the money. But will it be enough? Let’s assume I have $1, and you have $10, the next club has $100, and the club after that has $1,000. I obviously have the money to spend, but the main question is, will it be enough?

Pochettino continued by adding, “If you are interested in signing Player X and you request him and find out that you need to pay $100 million, you realise that you have money but certainly not enough to sign what we want or what we need. Thereafter, you will need to move on and suddenly realise that the player you are looking for is not on the market.”

Pochettino also commened on signing new players adding, “We attempted to sign a few players, but unfortunately we didn’t achieve what we wanted or needed. One thing is extremely clear; all the managers and coaching staff constantly want to improve their squad by signing and adding players from the football academy. We obviously want to do the same at Tottenham as football is essentially dynamic.”

Pochettino stated that you, “You need to come up with something fresh and exciting every six months. However, if you are unable to sign who you want or need, and simply sign players to make everyone happy, it’s not common sense. We clearly indicated that we are not populists or politicians this summer. It’s extremely easy to tell everyone we are going to sign two new players to make people happy. However, if we don’t require the players who are available, why on earth would we sign them?”

Tottenham Hotspur in October

There’s no denying that October has been a difficult month for Tottenham in the last few seasons. They encountered a 4-match winless streak during the 2015/16 season and a 7-match winless streak during the 2016/17 season in October. Last year, they suffered back-to-back defeats against Manchester United and West Ham towards the end of October.

However, Pochettino has recently said that this is the most difficult season for Tottenham due to the fact that key figures made a late return after the World Cup. However, he hopes that the recent challenges his star players have been facing will assist them in improving their fortunes during this stage of the tournament.

“There’s no denying that we struggled in previous seasons when it comes to October. However, with all the pre-season circumstances, things might have changed”,Pochettino stated.