What Does the Future Hold for Kylian Mbappe?

Kylian Mbappe might be too young to purchase a beer in the United States, but he’s already a World Cup winner with a few domestic cups at home as well. The France forward is undoubtably the most talked about football player in the world and is already considered one of the Top 5 players in the world. He managed to achieve all of this before he turned 20 which is quite impressive to say the least.

On 2 December 2018, Mbappe will celebrate he’s third year of professional football where he initially walked onto the field at the age of 16 when AS Monaco played against Caen. He entered the game during the 88th minute and replaced Fabio Coentrao, becoming the youngest first-team player for the club and breaking the record in the process that was held by Thierry Henry two decades ago.

Kylian Mbappe and the Next Three Years

Since he made his debut three years ago, a lot has occurred for the young superstar. The last three years have been nothing short of spectacular, but the most important time for Mbappe is not the three years that past, but the three years that is still to come. The way he emerged on the scene was phenomenal. However, his ability to reach new heights, keep improving, and establish himself as one of the greats will certainly be a more difficult challenge.

There’s no doubt that Mbappe will get better. There is still loads of room for improvement, especially when it comes to finishing. He’s decision making could be better as well as his work ethic and while he improves, he will also learn how to deal with expectations and pressure better. Within the next three years, fans can expect to see him hold down the No. 9 position more permanently. He is enjoying playing on the wing for both Paris Saint-Germain and France at the moment, but there’s no denying that he’s future is leaning more towards a centre-forward. This is where Mbappe is the best as he can utilise his skill and qualities in this roll far better.

How Kylian Mbappe Can Improve

During the 2018 season, as well as late last season, Mbappe showed some complacency and arrogance. However, in the years to come, Mbappe will need to be more disciplined. He needs to be the best role model he can possibly be. There’s no more room to arrive late for meetings and he cannot continue with a nonchalant attitude going forward. There’s also no more room for his condescending behaviour either. Thankfully, he’s friends and family can keep him grounded as he continues to grow in popularity around the world.

According to UK bookmakers, a lot can change for the club in the next three years. Mbappe is currently the heart and soul of PSG and is a valuable asset for the club and they will undoubtably want to keep him for as long as possible. However, will Mbappe be around at PSG for longer than three years?