Why Brazil Deserves to Be 2019 Copa America Champion

The home team won Peru 3-1 in the final on 7/7 and reached the top of South America for the first time in 12 years

The final of Copa America 2019 is somewhat similar to what happened in the group stage – where Brazil won 5-0. Peru entered well and had a dangerous chance first, while Brazil played cautiously and did not rush to push the squad. The game certainly helps the home team to control the ball, sometimes up to 70%, and almost no chance for Peru to penetrate the penalty area. Although not as broken as two weeks ago, the attack of the white shirt team is not much brighter, even when playing more people in the last 20 minutes of the game because Jesus received a second yellow card.

Brazil opened the scoring in the first phase thanks to Everton Soares. When Peru was not happy because of the equalizer on the penalty spot by captain Paolo Guerrero, the yellow-green team restored the advantage in the last minute of injury time in the first half. Arthur Melo won the ball on the Peru field, before setting up for Gabriel Jesus to cross the corner from the edge of the penalty area.

Brazil fans could have avoided the suspense in the second half of the second half if Coutinho and Firmino were more accurate at the post-break chances. However, the level of difference comes out at the decisive moment. When Peru constantly replaced and engrossed in attack, they vacated the defense. In a counterattack, Everton grabbed the ball straight into the middle of the three white shirts, and was hit by center-back Carlos Zambrano in the penalty area. From the 11m mark, the player who replaced Richarlison sank dangerously, setting up a 3-1 victory.

Brazil overwhelmed every statistic in Copa America 2019. They are the team with the most average possession, the most shots, the most accurate passes, even the best ball disputes.