Will Antoine Griezmann move on?

This Wednesday night, the famed French forward, Antoine Griezmann was the star player of Atletico Madrid scored an incredible 3-0 win over the strong-willed team, Marseille, during the final in theEuropa League final game. While the Atletico’s overall precise organization of their plays, along with a strong defense aided the team in this highly anticipated victory, it was thanks to the strong performance and Griezmann’s football knowledge that stole the spotlight and ultimately won this game to add to the belt of Diego Simeone. Shockingly, this is Griezmann’s first trophy award with the Atletico team during his four-year career with the Spanish club.

Over the last few years, Griezmann’s been on the brink of reaching a higher level as a player, almost to the point of being in the Cristiano Ronaldo or the Messi rank. Many experts are thinking that after this win, maybe the French player is finally ready to reach this prized level of football since he has become more consistent with his playing.

Will Antoine Griezmann – Up and Coming Player

The up and rising French player has spent a chunk of his career playing the position of a winger and wide forward. Though, since his recent switch to playing central attacking, Griezmann has pushed and started to be recognized as a consistent and more influential player in the league. In total, the twenty-seven year old player has currently scored an impressive 29 goals during all of the competition for the highly regarded team, Atletico. Which is a considerably great record for a player who is a part of a team that focuses on the precise organization rather than rampant attacking flares and methods. While he scored 22 goals, Griezmann has an impressive record, which has been seen in the Champions League and in La Liga, and even before those the player had 29 scores under his belt. So as his history shows, the player is rising too high profile levels and more people, fans and experts alike, are now mentioning Griezmann name even more.

However, the real question on everybody’s mind is if Griezmann man lasts elsewhere. While his latest performances have attracted some attention for other teams, understandably so. Considerations for a transfer to Barcelona have been since been silenced by the player himself. As of late, the player is keeping silent regarding his future. Though, the Catalan giants are interested in the rising superstar forward, despite rumors of interest coming from Manchester United. Many experts are thinking if Griezmann could move up a level of fame if he chooses to play alongside other superior players who have reached club level. Many have thought Griezmann could move up by playing with the start of Barcelona, Lionel Messi.

It’s no understatement that Griezmann would be an incredible addition to the squad of Ernesto Valverde this coming summer. Plus, considering how the Blaugrana are known for replying far too much on Messi, and having another talented name could ease some of the pressure on Messi.

Griezmann Drawing Positive Attention

The attention Griezmann has been receiving is not only due to his impressive goal record from the last few years. It’s a combination of his preciseness while not being on the ball along with his overall awareness regarding teammates and the space that surrounds him is incredible. Griezmann has been known to always find someone space while other forwards would just hesitate, which just shows his overall football intelligence.

Griezmann will once again be considered one of the key players for the success so the French can have another attempt to win another international trophy during the upcoming summer World Cup. The French director, Didier Deschamps currently has an incredible lineup of skilled players that can be used for his disposal. If Griezmann stays on his toes and keeps up his energetic track of playing with his heart, the team will have even more chances to become world-renowned champions again.